Roon Clients won't start

Core Machine
DELL OPTIPLEX 9020 MICRO, I7, 16GB RAM, Windows 10, Roon Core 1.8

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Description of Issue

Dear Roon Team, Dear Roon Community,

I am having my first issue with roon after several years of great fun with roon.

My roon clients (Windows 10 PC, IPad, IPhone) won’t start. After start they show the roon logo with the 3 lines … that’t it. I allready rebooted the roon core but that won’t help.

Any idea what I can do to solve the issue?

Thank you and with kind regards

Hello, I just deinstalled the latest windows updates from today and yesterday and reinstalled the Roon Core. Unfornatuatly without success. Still all Clients can’t connect via LAN or VLAN. Even the local roon client on the core won’t start so network shouldn’t be the issue.

I will be very happy for any ideas or how I can resetup the roon core without loosing my music.

With kind regards

I appear to be experiencing exactly the same problem, as of half an hour ago. The server literally stopped mid-song after several hours of listening. Tried re-boots of Roon Server, re-installing Roon clients.

Hello Quinten, I have it back running. For me it looks like a problem with windows 10 update and kb4601550 and an other update (unfornatuatly I haven’t noted the kb article). I deinstalled both, reinstalled roon server and then have it back running but with a defect db. I am very glad to perform roon backups so recovery is work.

Issue isn’t confirmed but I plan to update windows 10 on roon core again with the both kb articles and then can confirm the issue when my roon core system is completly restored and image backuped.

My tip: Deinstall the latest windows updates (see kb above) on roon core, reinstall Roon Core and reboot the system. db can be corrupted so recover db afterwards.

Kind regards

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my roon core on an windows 10 pc is back (db recovery) and there seems to be an issue with latest Windows Updates. Thanx for pm.

So I deinstalled latest updates and disable windows 10 updates until the issue is fixed.

Kind regards

That’s actually kind of scary if true that one of the latest win10 updates is messing with Roon ability to perform as core on said win10 device.

Thinking of this a little more deeply I suspect that it is more something in your system that this update is messing with causing an undesirable reaction.

If it was a general update to win10 problem there would be hundreds of reports on this forum from the likely tens of thousands of users of Roon with core on a win10 machine.

Not saying it is not that update that has affected you but there is something else in your setup that is not playing nicely with it IMHO