Roon combining tracks from different folders into single album

@Mike, I uploaded another album also called Hammer.rar. As before, the songs/files of this album are located in a single folder in the local drive. Starting with a fresh DB, Roon Core splits track 9 into its own album (albeit with the same album title, but I see two icons in album view. One album is labeled as Various Artists and the album with just track 9 is label with the artist of that one song). Separately, tracks 3, 11, and 14 do not import at all).

So in summary the 16 tracks of this album are split into:

Album 1 has tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16
Album 2 has track 9 only

Not imported: 3, 11, 14


These are all 24bit - 64 kHz files – not something we support, or something I’ve seen before or heard requested.

It’s not impossible to support these, it’s just a big change to test and deploy, and this is the first media I’ve come across. I can’t make any promises, but a feature request would be helpful here, so we can gauge interest.

I can reproduce the split album issue with these files - I suspect something is off with the tagging but I’m going to open a ticket and look into it. Thanks for following up here @hammer.

Can you be a little more specific or upload some media for us? Are multiple versions of the same album in a single folder?

What file format are you using, and do these albums have common album and album artist tags?

Hey @hammer – we took a look at this and the reason is that these files aren’t homogeneous with regards to sample rate and bit depth.

That’s relatively uncommon, especially compared to the more common scenario which is that there are two complete copies of an album in a folder – one which is lossless and one which is transcoded. In that case, you want two albums, not a mixed format album clumping them all together.

That said, I can see why you’d expect this to work, so we’ve made a change for this case that will go live with our next release. Note that it will only affect future imports, so if you see other instances of this in your library, you just need to merge them.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks! And I agree it’s not a common thing. So thanks!

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