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I have ROON running on a dedicated server in my home. It is a wired only 10gb network with no wireless and no bridging (a security requirement). However, the network my family runs for all the other PCs in the house is mix of wired and wireless Windows 11 Pro PCs - we literally have two ISPs running into our home because of this. While our handheld devices (phones/tablets) work alright, none of the Windows PCs can use ROON at all. Do I have to install core on them for them to access the music from the server on the other network? Iā€™m a bit confused how to make the PCs on the other network share the music files on the first network (and there is not enough capacity on the second network to create a second copy of the music).

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Hello @Michael_Cataldo and welcome to the forum.

There is no support for multiple network setups in Roon. Server and clients are all required to be on the same network (or at least one of the network adapters on the server has to be connected to the same network as your clients). Anything else is unsupported and you might find related tips in the #tinkering section of the forum. Read also:


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