Roon Community Conduct

Since being a member of the Roon Community I have read a lot of threads, created a few and participated in some threads.

I’m not naïve in terms of what forums can be like, and more so possibly with specialised hobbies such as ours.

While I admit I haven’t read the full T&Cs for the Roon forum community, I have a good idea how we should conduct ourselves.

I’ve read recently and also participated in a thread where some are saying “you’re wrong, I’m right”.

Wether those doing this are right, the approach taken sometimes isn’t coming across, to some in the way intended. Some do mean to be rude.

I’ve also noticed that some people’s posts are getting flagged because, my view, they disagreed with someone. Then that someone flagged it as they didn’t like what was replied with. This, if true, is very childish.

We are not all as informed as one another. Some will and do know more than some. Those with greater knowledge have a greater responsibility in this forum. Please treat the lesser knowledgable with polite, respectful messages. Educate not patronise. Share not belittle.

Some will disagree with you, even if you are right. Help them understand where you’re coming from, with supporting information as this will help. Links to websites is useful.

Being determined and insisting you’re right will annoy people.

We are all here because of the music and love for audio equipment. Leave the hostility out and enjoy.

Thank you for taking time to read this. :wink:


Unfortunately, some people perceive education as preaching and sharing as showing off.


There’s a FAQ on Community Guidelines. Perhaps more people could give it a read…


Hmm, I feel you might be correct.

I see it the responsibility of the provider of the advice (educating/sharing) to be mindful of their approach.

As another pointed out there are objectivists and subjectivists. We have to respect each others points of view even when we don’t agree or understand their point of view.


Thanks @Geoff_Coupe

I believe you are the one who flagged my posts, and I think this is very childish, even I tried my best not to flame anything.

@QuinnT I can honestly say I didn’t. I haven’t done so either to anyone. It’s not my style.


ok, then i apologized. I was under impression that it was you.

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I know which thread you refer to and I have my suspicions of who the flaggers are.

I’ve been in shops that treat me like ****. I just won’t go there the second time. I think when someone is rude the best way is not to flag but to say “pls keep it cool” and if he still goes on, not to respond.

Sometimes there are jokes and in the mist of the moment I tend to write them and maybe offend, I’ll try and flag them as a joke before posting.

Last time when I spend much much more time on a forum was 13 years ago. Yes it was a closed circle for beta testing Lightroom and maybe photographers are not so passional as audio geeks but the conversations were more relaxed (not I joke, I think everybody in here is a audio geek).


There is a “like” at the bottom of a post.
Wish there was a thumbs down also.


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with only 10 a day :slight_smile:
I’m out of likes for today


I don’t remember what exactly you have to do in the way of extra “badges” but you can bump the 10 per day up considerably.


I have more likes than ten. But for the thumbs down I was thinking to keep the “hate” to another level than the “love”



That is why I used the term thumbs down. Did not want to grorify the hate.


Now I can only imagine the icon :slight_smile:

Well. We could request a few in addition to one for hate/dislike. Such as;


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Right on.

You should always ask for more hoping to settle for what you want.


There is a thumb down emoji.

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