Roon completely broken after update

there were nearly 500 beta testers…

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Not to mention the Alpha testers (but I don’t know the size of that group)…


Now there are 100.000 gamma testers :wink: BTW thankfully I am having no issues with ROCK on a NUC.

I haven’t experienced the corruption issue with 880 (Ubuntu 20.04 Core) so hopefully I’m not just lowering signal-to-noise ratio in this discussion…but…doesn’t this raise the issue, why was your database engine so fragile? Users don’t typically corrupt databases, poor schemas or engine code does. Why was/is it so easy to “corrupt” the database?

This is an interesting observation… if the Roon db is that fragile (and based on the Roon response and the high number of users reporting such problems), then what will happen now that they’ve put db integrity checks in place? If every month, Roon tells me I need to restore from backup because of db corruption, that will surely piss off everyone off.

Truth is, I’ve been using Roon for over 6 years and have had very few headaches with it, a ton of enjoyment, and not a single db corruption problem (that I was aware of) even though I’ve moved it from one PC to another many times via the backup/restore process.

I’m certain none of us really understand what the problem is with this update, but it behooves Roon to figure it out and then be open and honest about it. Their credibility is at stake.

That should give you peace of mind… These database corruption cases are not so frequent as to bother you or any user every other month.


I’m still waiting for a determination that it /is/ corruption, and not their new “integrity” code falsely signalling corruption. I wonder that, especially since I can’t even install a new Core with an empty database that /doesn’t/ almost immediately shut down with an “issue loading database.”

So we’re heading into weekend with no real announcement how Roon is approaching the problem of getting customers back online… I wish we’d get some idea.


If you scroll up this thread & checkout the posts by WindowsX he has identified three errors/bugs which support are investigating. When resolutions have been found, and before they can implemented & released, assessment will take place to check for any further impact fixes may have.
I guess another “day or two” before any physical updates can be released into the wild.

Well, but there’s this:


Hard drives and SSDs are not foolproof. Failures are uncommon, but do happen at predictable rates which can result in lost or corrupt data. This means that when Roon accesses your database the information can be garbled or unavailable, and this can be caused not only by drive failure but also by bad RAM or a buggy storage controller. Again, these cases are rare, but with a user base like ours, some people are going to experience some form of hardware failure every day.

So it’s all your hardware folks, no software defects here!

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So far, one beta tester out of 500 has reported the problem. That extrapolates to about 400 users. That works out to about $48k of annual loss if they all quit. In corporate-speak, that is acceptable loss compared to enginerring/design shortcut cost savings.

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882 has not fixed issue for me, still getting ‘issue loading your database’ even after restoring to a backup from a month ago. There must be a way to scan/fix/repair the database if it is indeed corrupt. I’m skeptical as it was working totally fine before the 880 update and I use Roon almost every day.

I’d rather go back to a previous version that works with the DB I have, than have to create a new one just to use the latest features in the recent update. Please provide a link to download the previous stable version, and a way to disable auto update.

People want to listen to their music, and if Roon doesn’t work, they will find/buy something else. You guys would be better off getting people back up an running even if its using and old version, than continually trying to blame the user community for corrupting DB’s and telling them start from scratch. Who is going to recommend Roon to anyone after that experience.

Roon has been great for the past few years, but the credibility of the company has taken a very significant hit the past 48 hours. Pls do the right thing and help us use the old version until the issue is addressed properly.

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For what it’s worth, restoring a previously unrestorable backup from 12/16/21 was possible after 882 update. It seems all my work is not lost after all. Maybe there is hope for you, yet, even if not right away.


Interesting stat if what you say is true, but I’m not buying your hypothesis. Given how Roon handles support in this community, those 400 users can (and have) made a whole lot of damning noise about this update. Couple that with the responsiveness of Build 882 that will help at least some conveys to me that Roon was caught quite unaware of this problem and it’s impact.

Discussions surrounding Roon’s approach to database integrity have been bouncing around for at least the last few years - hence the new database checks in 880 and 882 - so I doubt they’re all that surprised, but there do seem to be some additional problems that they didn’t anticipate.

I agree with you, as a beta tester I had absolutely no problems during the beta trial & therefore I suspect everyone at Roon was taken by surprise and I guess a few Beta testers as well.

Getting a partial fix (882) out as as quickly as they did is pretty impressive, having spent many years in the technology sector I know from experience that software fixes frequently take months to be issued.


For what it’s worth, after updating to Build 882, I was able to restore the last backup I had from before Build 800 and IT WORKED!

Perhaps that simply means that I did not have a corrupted database after all, but I am extremely thankful for the prompt release of Build 882.

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Not only during the last 48 hours. I still can remember the desaster when they have launched 1.8 beginning of the year. So many obvious issues that must have been seen during beta testing (crashes when you have not set the language to english, crashes when your are scrolling through playlists or through the tidal view). And now the database issues. Thank god I am not affected, Good thing is that they tend to release quick updates to fix the problems, but this is not the right approach. It is obvious that Roon has a problem with their QA/QC system. Honestly I am not sure if this even exists. In the meanwhile I have severe doubts about the professionalism of that company. If they continue like that, they will disappear from the market as they simply ruin their reputation. I cross my fingers that this is just a bad year for Roon…In principle I really like that piece of software.

Yes, that was my experience too. My so called corrupt database worked just fine after 882. And that backup was from last Friday before I tried the beta. So, for may users out there still having database errors, sit tight for the next fix and perhaps your backups are perfectly fine like mine were.


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