Roon configuring problem for playing files through the MPD player

may be someone can help me to set up the Roon for playing the files from my NAS via MPD player ?
my MPD player (Linux based) feeds my Meitner DAC with music files.
Since 2 days trying to find the way to solve this issue… Is this possible at all ?

Normally I use Cantata for playing the music from NAS.
I thought about moving to Room, but all thing is rather complicated…

I am running Roon version 1.1
OSX 10.9
Macbook Pro 2014

Thank you for your support.
Kind regards

Hi Valerijus,

As I understand it you are using Cantata as a front end GUI for MPD. Are you running that on your MacBook under OSX 10.9. ?

Roon is an alternative to Cantata/MPD. You should be able to play files from your NAS through Roon using these instructions. Make a Watched folder, not an Organised folder. Check back here if you have any issues.

Thank you for reply. Those instruction didn’t help…
Roon loaded all my files from the NAS. So here is everything OK.

My problem is how to send those files from Roon to the MPD player.
When I configure the Watch folder I am not sure what is Network Path ?
is it the network address of my mpd player ( or of NAS ( ?

In both cases I get the answer “Invalid network path specified.”

Roon needs an endpoint to stream to - connect the PC it is running on directly to your DAC or get an alternative endpoint (there are a number of Roon Ready endpoints hitting the market at present). What is mpd running on at present…same machine as Roon?

Yes, if I would connect my Macbook Pro directly to the DAC it would be no problem to play the files from NAS using Roon.
The problem is, that I can’t stream my files through my wi fi network from NAS to MPD player (transport) , when I use Roon.
In Roon setup under audio there is no chance to configure my mpd player. Roon doesn’t recognize it and only option there is HQPlayer (??).
As I said I feed my Meitner DAC 1 with the files using MPD transport.

With Cantata everything works perfectly, why not with Roon ?

What are you calling your MPD player/transport ? Is it a program running on your MacBook or a separate physical device ? If it is a separate device, does it have a manufacturers brand name ?

If it is a separate device then you may be able to stream to it from Roon using AirPlay (if it supports AirPlay) or RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport). Roon doesn’t support UPnP/DLNA streaming.

In order to stream using RAAT the device needs to have software on it to use RAAT. A manufacturer can add such software (RoonReady) or if the device can be programmed, Roon is about to release software that users can run to receive RAAT (RoonSpeakers).

You’re not taking in what I’m saying…by MPD you’re referring to Music Player Daemon and by Cantata you’re referring to Roon was not designed to be a front-end to various software players/streamers…Roon provides the front end and replaces those software players/streamers, so you cannot use MPD in the playback chain with Roon.

A Roon software based endpoint is due be released in coming months which will enable you to install it on the same machine you’re currently running MPD on and Roon will be able to stream directly to it as a Roon endpoint, with the hardware you’re running it on connected to your DAC. Either way, MPD is not and probably never will be supported as an endpoint unless the developers of MPD decided to make it RoonReady. So, to close then, until such time forget it, it’s not going to work and it was never intended to.

You presently have two options: 1) purchase a RoonReady endpoint device - see, or 2) connect directly to your DAC using the PC that Roon is running on.

Thank very much for your replies. Yes, it is a separate physical device, Versus Audio MP. Now I have got it, Roon doen’t support UPnP/DLNA streaming, that’s the point. If Roon supports Airplay, I will try to play my music this way. And I hope, that developers of my MPD device will make my MPD player Roon ready one day. Thanks again.

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