Roon confusing version numbering

Is it only me? I see Roon 2.0.23 is live, 2.0.25 is live.
I open my Roon and it’s just 2.0 but build 1311. Is it 2.0.13, 2.0.11? No, it’s 2.0.23 apparently.

Why is it announced in version numbers that are not found anywhere in the software?
Why not call it 2.0.1311?

It makes no sense and creates a lot of confusion. Yes, it shows “update is available” or it auto-updates but version 2.0.25 is in staged rollout. I am looking at my Roon build 1311 and thinking, is it 2.0.25 already or not.


This update is not available to every one at once, its is a staggered release which you have not recieved yet. This was explained in the release notes for the new version and all releases going forwared will be like this. This entails they can deal with any issues before it gets out to all users and ease the load on their update servers. It will be region based so one region will get it first then the next etc over a period of days. This is how most releases are done for devices and makes more sense for Roon to follow this.

2.0.24 was pulled and never fully rolled out as there was an issue. The latest release rolling out is 2.0.25. If you look inside the releases it gives you the build numbers for each component. Release and bullds do not match each other as this is a releasenumber which is incremental the builds are not as there are many builds during testing and release.

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@Simon_Arnold3 I think what you said is/was clear from the announcement, but @G_P is not talking about that.

Open Roon - About and you will see no reference to 2.0.xx it simply says 2.0 (build xxxx). So there is no correlation between the anounced version of format 2.0.23 with the in-app version format of 2.0 (build xxxx)

Edit - OK, I see there is a list of builds, but why not say 2.0.23 in the in-app about?


Sorry, a little correction:

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Because its a release package thats incremental from the last, the build of roon in it wil be a lot differnent as there will be lots of builds before it hits release. This is pretty standard for software developement.

Your confusion stems from the difference between build numbers and release number. Within a given release (e.g. 2.0.25), the build numbers may be different for different platforms.

Just have a look a the release notes:

You will notice that for the same release 2.025, the build number for the Roon and RoonServer apps is 1353, while the Android/iOS Roon Remotes are on build number 1352. Even so, all these components form part of the same release 2.0.25.

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I also think the in-app About should show the same numbers as given in the release notes including the minor xx version in 2.0.xx


I agree with you there it would save some confusion.


@Simon_Arnold3 yea, talk to me about releases, I am a Senior Principal Engineer in one of the largest software companies.

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Yeah, its a confusing mess… and whenever there’s a confusing mess, the best course of action is to not worry about it :wink:


It seems Roon is presenting it confusing for the user, i.e. release 2.0.25 is out, so we go looking for that version, and it still says 2.0. But wait that is their internal version of Roon and Roon Server, that also has a build.

Those internal version numberings should be hidden from the user, everything should be 2.0.25… then optinally add build numbers and sub relases like or whatever.


Just pay attention and read the release notes. It’s not confusing if you do that.

ALWAYS read the release notes first to make sure you want to take the release.

Confusing mess is a Roon trait.

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Yes, it is very confusing (and that without presenting any utility)…
Of all the software I use, Roon is the only one that I only look at built and completely ignore the version (because it has no value, appearing written differently in various places).

I am sure that the differences are all very obvious and totally logical to computer professionals, but it is not to your average Roon music lover, for whom the technology is a means to an end.

Your average user just wants to know if they have the latest version of the software.

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I am just about as far from a Computer Professional as one could get.

Not all people live on forums. I see an announcement “2.0.25 is live!” I open Roon and check my version and it’s 2.0 and some 4 digits. I want to know whether I have 2.0.25 or not yet. I don’t want to open a forum for that.

Exactly! Thank you.


This screen pretty much gives me what I need. Either I have the latest or I get a message there is an update. If I get that message, I (usually) read the release notes first.

It’s Build 1351 which is the latest Early Access Version. It updated from Build 1348 the previous version. I don’t care about the other numbers. Every Build has a new number. It clearly says latest version installed. Look at the Release Notes.


That screen doesn’t provide the information whether you have the latest version. I read elsewhere that 2.0.25 is out. Where does it tell you that you have 2.0.25 or an earlier version? My build is 1311. How do I know if it’s 2.0.25 or not? My screen also says “You have the latest version installed.” The 2.0.25 release will be rolled out incrementally, so I don’t get a “new version available” message. If that screen said I have 2.0.23 instead of 2.0 (build 1311) it would have been clear that it’s not the latest version without checking the forum.


You don’t have the new version yet. You’re still on Build 1311. You’ll get a message to update when it’s available to you. It’s a phased rollout now. You’re good with what you have until the new version comes to you. It will be obvious.

Roon 2.0.25 is live!.