Roon connection to Roon Server breaks when I start up an unrelated VPN

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS1621+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired gigabit ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LS50 wireless II

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

To clarify, this isn’t about connecting to Roon via VPN. It is about using Roon on my LAN. When I connect to one of my work VPNs (using cisco anyconnect client), the Roon client complains about not finding the Core. Your Roon client is the only application that is affected by this. Everything else is fine – browsers, etc.

Hi Nicholas,

Not official support, just a friendly neighborhood mod.

Roon relies on multicast network traffic to function properly, and all devices must be on the same IP range. It is possible that the VPN is not allowing this network activity to function as expected, and that is resulting in the clients being unable to find the Core.

It might be possible that you could configure the VPN to work properly. However, as I understand it, this isn’t something that Roon regularly tests against nor supports in an official capacity.

Roon support will be around next week during business hours and they might give you more specific guidance.

In the meantime, another thing to try is to post (or ask me to move this post) to the Tinkering section, where fellow users have used Roon with VPNs and in environments with VPNs running. They might be able to provide insight or answers.

Daniel, aka rugby

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My work PC is also using AnyConnect and it is configured to not allow traffic routing to the local network, when active. (Only allowing traffic to the VPN remotely)

So, you need to talk to the IT guys at work if you feel this is an issue.

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Thanks all for the help. It turns out that, of the multiple work VPN configs, this one random one was the only not configured (by the IT staff) to allow local network access. Weird!


That’s the one they keep for the execs, who can’t be trusted :rofl:


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