Roon connectivity issues with Arc and dropouts (ref#BETKSX)

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Continues to drop out and does not connect with Arc

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I have paid a lot of money for this product as well as having Tidal and Spotify and I am continuously disappointed with the level of service. I have an HP laptop with sufficient system requirements

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It’s most likely a network issue, so it would help if you could fill out the details about your home network setup - which router and switches you have, and as much detail as possible. For instance, Roon specifically recommends that the Roon Core is NOT on wifi; it can work, but it’s a frequent source of problems, so details help

And that too, because you have audio dropouts. Hence, the audio devices you are using may have an effect - this should not be a huge surprise. So which audio devices you are using, and how those are connected, if any, would be good to know. It’s impossible to sort this out without having a mental picture of your setup.

As for ARC, are you seeing an error message in Roon > Settings > Roon ARC? Please copy and paste it here

Color me confused

Core: HP Envy Laptop
Wifi: Sky Router
Cambridge Audio CNX V2
Accuphase 280

Hey @s.chiz,

Ben with the support team here - thanks for your patience while our team moves through each issue!

@Suedkiez is correct in their statement - wifi can be pesky in regards to connection with your core device. If possible, I’d first get it hardwired via ethernet to your router, and see if your issues persist.

If your issues do persist, getting a specific timestamp would be very helpful - take note of the date,time and track playing and share that info here. We’ll need to make sure your core device is online as well so we can request a fresh diagnostic report to take a closer look.

I’ll be on standby for your reply, thanks! :+1:

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