Roon Constantly Crashing - Issue Pe

Core Machine

Mac Mini 2018 - Core i5 - 32GB

Network Details

Ubiquiti Unified Security Gateway, 8pt POE Switch, 2 APs.

(Core is connected to switch)

Audio Devices

I have 3 end points. One is running Ropieee and the other two are running Vomumio. Issues persist accross endpoints but mostly use the two endpoints running Volumio.

Description of Issue

The iOS app constantly crashes. I have had this happen even before the new version of Roon. After I installed the new version it got less frequent. That said the last couple of weeks i can use the app for many 20 seconds, tops, and it crashes. I am so annoyed by this that I am seriously considering cancelling my Roon membership. It is my humble opinion that this really is unacceptable behavior. Can someone please look at my crash logs and let me know what’s going on? What do I need to do here to make this app work the way it was intended?

Note: I ran across another thread in which someone said to stop using Plex. However, I must say this is a big show stopper for me. I have no issues with Plex. All of my issues seem to revolve around Roon. Plex never crashes or has issues like this.

Please let me know what I can do or supply on my side to help address this issue.

So, this issue seems to be tied solely to iOS devices - iPadOS seems to be working without issues.

Hello @Jigitz

We’re taking aggressive measures to collect customer data so we can find a lasting solution to the iOS app issues that our subscribers are experiencing. It you don’t mind we’d really appreciate it if you would contribute your information to the survey found at this link.

Thank you so much for your help with this.