Roon constantly stopping on Auralic Aires G2.1

Roon Core Machine

Dell-CORE-i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz
OS: Windows 11 Home, Version: 22H2, OS Build: 22621.1105

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core machine is connected via ethernet to:
ASUS Zen WiFi AX6600 tri-band mesh wifi router. Model: XT8.
Running through a:
D-Link TAIPAN DSL-43020L modem.

Connected Audio Devices

The connected audio device is:
Auralic Aries G2.1 wireless streaming transporter connected to the Core Machine via wifi.

Number of Tracks in Library

My library consists of 7537 tracks streamed from Tidal and Qobuz.

Description of Issue

My Roon Core is constantly disconnecting from my audio device. I get the error message “No audio device found” after ~10 minutes of play. This occurs most times I stream through Roon (including in the hour or so prior to this post). Occasionally I can play an extended session via Roon streaming (2-4 hours) with no dropouts. Dropouts occur even when there is no other network traffic. After a Dropout occurs, I can restart Roon on the Core Machine and stream playback for another ~10mins before another dropout occurs … and so on it goes.

Speed tests on my network are as follows.
From Roon Core Machine: 36.56Mbps download / 4.36Mbps download.
From iPad (8th Gen.) located next to the Auralic Aries G2.1: 36.52Mbps / 4.18Mbps.

Can you connect via a wired connection as Roon can struggle with wifi unless its really done right, speed is definitely not the be all and end all of wifi for Roon to work flawlessly.

I could try a temporary wired connection to see if that makes any difference, however, it’s not really feasible to do this as a permanent fix given the location of my incoming phone line/modem and listening room.

I understand and thats a common situation.
However it will tell us/yourself if that is all that is the problem and then if wifi is a must the community can assist in suggestion on how to best Roonify it!

OK, thanks AceRimmer. I’ll try a temporary wired connection and report back.

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Hey @Troy_Farrell,

@AceRimmer was leading you in the right direction for next steps. How are things running in the last week?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

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