Roon Control PC Freezing

My (dedicated) Roon Control PC freezes only when I attempt to open the “on-screen keyboard” to Search and only after first making several or many successful attempts. The freeze not only causes the keyboard to not appear but it also renders the pc entirely unresponsive when I use a wireless mouse to click on any icon to perform any function.

There are no other programs running except Roon when the freezing occurs.

My Control PC is a brand new [Acer Spin-7 Convertible Intel Core i7 1.3 GHz 8GB Ram, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home with current updates and firmware. The very same problem occurred with a brand new Acer Spin-5 Convertible Intel Core i5, 1.60 GHz 8GB RAM 256 GB SSD Windows 10 Home. This occurs in both “full” and “partial” screen modes.

Both of these pc’s have twice the Roon specified minimum 4GB Ram so I assume the problem is not caused by the pc’s. Rather, it appears that Roon Remote software gradually imposes an excessive burden on the pc’s resources that leads to freezing.

The ACER pc’s replaced a one-year old Surface Pro with only 4GB Ram that exhibited the same problem.

The freezing is not permanent. Instead, it lasts 30-seconds to a minute or more. Clicking the “On-Screen Keyboard” icon repeatedly results first in the keyboard “flashing and then disappearing” and then finally appearing stable and ready to work.

My Remote PC lacks an ethernet input and is Wi-Fi connected but there is no reason to believe that this is the cause of the freezing because web-browsing and video-watching work perfectly when performed just to “test” the system.

As some other posters have suggested, it appears that Roon Remote is an unnecessarily “bloated”, resource-draining program. Proclaimed by Roon to offer “a rich user experience”, it instead produces a miserable user experience when just a simple, functional music player would be just fine.

What graphics chips are being used? Are they Intel HD? If so try the 32bit roon version and see if that helps.

I use a really cheap £400 Acer i3 with windows 10 and it’s really quick with instant responses so it’s not universal.

Hello @Joe_Ciulla,

Can you please let me know what graphics card you have installed on your Acer laptops? Are you using the newest display drivers and is your Windows up to date? I would also give the 32-bit version of Roon a try, as this has helped users with similar graphics issues in the past. Please let me know if that helps.


Hello Posters:

I appreciate your help!

The ACER pc’s have Intel HD 615 Graphics and I just updated the drivers and firmware.

Do you recommend trying Roon 32-Bit version despite the fact that the pc’s are 64-bit?

My Core is a new i7 Sonic Transporter running Linux.

Hi @Joe_Ciulla,

If the issue is still occurring after updating the display drivers you can give the 32-bit version a try. If the issue has gone away since updating the display drivers, feel free to keep using 64-bit.

– Noris

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