Roon & Control4 implementation - Triad AV Matrix

(Jason Humphries) #1


We have just taken delivery of our first Nucleus and we are trying to integrate it with Control4 but I have a question regarding this and helpfully one of you kind people will be able to answer it for me?

The documentation states that the Roon Zone needs to be the audio endpoint and the audio volume endpoint for the specific room. This however, is a major problem for example, if you are connected a device into an AV receiver in a cinema room, or into an audio matrix for distribution around a house.

Can anyone please tell me whether there is a solution for this, or am I missing something really obvious. I am happy to be called out, if I am being completely stupid.

I look forward to your responses and thanks in advance


(Ferris Bueller) #2

What is connected to the AV receiver or audio matrix to serve as the DAC? Are either of these two devices is “Roon Ready”? (I may be missing something)


(Noris) #4

Hi @Jason_Humphries,

Thank you for your post here. We have an active ticket with the dev team regarding similar behavior but more information would be helpful to make sure that this is the same thing we are working on.

Can you post a few screenshots of what the typical behavior looks like regarding these capabilities and how you would expect to see it in the Roon module? You can use these instructions to post screenshots to Community.

Also, can you let me know what specific audio matrix/AV receiver you are making use of in your setup?

– Noris

(David Stephens) #5


Hi and thank you for taking the time to answer Jason, he is my business partner and we are trying to integrate Roon into a Triad AV matrix. The problem seems to occur when you make the bindings to the matrix. We are using a Blusound NODE with a fixed output as our Roon soon as you make the Roon the room end point as per the instructions you lose all other sources on the blusound unit.

Maybe we are completely missing something simple but I don’t think so. in terms of Noris’ question about behaviour there is no specific behaviour because there is no connection to the system.


(Ferris Bueller) #6

Hi David,
OK now I understand, but don’t have an answer - sorry. (It does seem like we’re overlooking something)

If there is a Control4 dealer in this forum - hopefully they’ll notice this thread.
If I can speak with my dealer in the next couple days, I’ll let you know their thoughts.

For what it is worth:
This setup seems equivalent to my setup on C4: Nucleus ->ethernet-> Sonos Connect ->RCA cables-> Control4 16 channel Amp. I have two Sonos Connects connected as inputs to the Amp. I remember needing to use that second Sonos exclusively as Roon’s DAC (I had a spare Connect sitting around), but I can’t recall exactly why I did that. Could have been I simply wanted an additional source so the first Sonos could be played in some rooms, and the Roon exclusively for me.

Good luck

(Noris) #7

Hi @David_Stephens1,

Thanks for that clarification. We are aware of this issue surrounding Triad AV Matrices and have an active ticket with the dev team regarding this behavior.

I can’t say for sure when this ticket will be addressed, but we do have a good idea of were the issue lies and have plan for the changes required to the module.

If there is any other information that you can share, specifically screenshots of how the typical audio endpoint routing is done for the Triad Matrix, that would further help us along the way towards getting this issue resolved faster.


(David Stephens) #8

We have found a work round with a virtual splitter in control 4 but the most annoying thing I have found with the driver is when you are playing something in Roon and you then go to listen>Roon to play something else as soon as Roon is pressed it stops the track playing.

(Noris) #9

Hi @David_Stephens1,

Does this occur for all your zones or only for the Bluesound zone? What are you using to control the module? I tried on my end with an EA3 + T3 TP and one of my local USB but I am not seeing the zone being paused when listen is pressed. Might this be related to the virtual splitter you put in place?

– Noris

(David Stephens) #10

Hi Norris

Strangely this only happens with one of the two bluesound nodes I use. It’s most peculiar.

(Noris) #11

Hi @David_Stephens1,

I would take a closer look at any differences between the Bluesound zones:

  • Are they running the same firmware, are they both up to date?
  • Are they tied differently in the Control4 setup?
  • Does this issue occur with any other zone other than that one Bluesound zone?

– Noris