Roon Core and ARM Macs

Are Roon considering attempting to get Core working on an ARM mini? We know the control point already works on ARM on the iPad/iPhone. Should I start looking for a new Core machine to replace my aging 2011 Mac mini? A linux Machine perhaps?

Why would you do that? Do you have performance problems? Doesn’t it work as well as you wish it would? If not, why consider touching what is doing well enough?

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Because it is 9 years old, struggles to upsample past 24/192 and believe it or not, will die eventually. I’d rather find a replacement before it dies rather than after.

So… That’s a yes?

Sorry, didn’t see until now that there was a way to expand it and see the rest. Thanks for the answer.

I have Macs and a Mac Mini with 4 GB RAM. For upscaling my advice is to change it. In my experience, can work with 8 Tb and above, but also the processor core is important. If your music is in loseless format in a NAS also the network needs to be reviewed.

I’m surprised that a 2011 Mac Mini would have trouble with that. Even a lowly $119 Odroid H2 can upsample to 32/768 without breaking a sweat.

I have an array of Macs from 2009-2017. None are running Roon Core, but they’re all going strong.

Well, my 2011 i5 mini with 16GB of ram and an SSD gets the fans spinning at full speed upsampling to 24/192 with HQPlayer.

Oh, OK. HQPlayer may be more demanding. I was talking about Roon’s own upsampling.

I found Roon upsampling to be even more resource intensive. In my case, and I have watched this in real time with activity monitor, the higher bit rate a song is, the more Roon Server works while streaming/downloading it, and once it starts going, it takes a long time to settle down. It’s not that the mini can’t do it, its that I don’t want to cook it in the process. Once the song is downloaded and HQPlayer does its thing, the mini usually settles down until it is time to stream/download the next song. A reboot of the mini will help for a while, and then it goes back to doing it again eventually.