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Hi all
I finally sorted out the way roon equaliser worked by using the roon remote software alongside my roon core on my htpc to set things up, it’s not ideal and having the option to choose different headphone or amp setups from my mobile would have been nice and necessary in my situation but it allowed me to make basic single setups for each endpoint not perfect but at least it worked.
Unfortunately in the process i came across an odd situation where my squeezbox endpoints were not visible to my core, after a little bit of problem solving I found the squeezbox endpoints would only link to the roon windows htpc app and not htpc roon core? there is no option to enable squeezbox units using my mobile app and core alone? And if I enable them from the roon htpc app they are not visible on my mobile device unless I select that server which is pointless as I’d need to keep that htpc app running in the foreground and unable to close it down, I assumed that was the job of roon core? also roon windows app and core are acting as completely different servers with endpoints and files different from each other both I assume using server resources! Can I not run the windows app alongside roon core so I can change my roon core settings via both mobile app and htpc app
I’m sure there is a very simple explanation to what appears a very confusing situation?
What have I done wrong?

Hi @Paul_Rosson,

On the Windows machine if you temporarily disable the firewall is there any change?

I think, you’re confused about the functionality provided by the different downloads available.
You’d need to install ‘Roon Server’ on your HTPC, which will not include a GUI and just runs in the background as your core.
Additionally, install the full ‘Roon’ package on any PC where you’d want to be able to use the GUI while selecting the Roon Server as the core on first setup; this way you’d have both ‘Roon Server’ and ‘Roon’ installed on the HTPC, and would start ‘Roon’ only if you want to interact from there.

See screen shot from Roons download page

Hope that clears up the confusion.

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