Roon Core Authorization Problem

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

QNAP TS-473,
Mac Mini running Mac OS
(Both have Roon Ver 1.6 Build 416)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired Gigabit Ethernet with various switches

Various (Not relevant in this case)

Description Of Issue

Newly installed Roon Core on a QNAP TS-473.

When authorizing the Roon Core it alerted me that I was only entitled to to 3 devices. I then proceeded to delete all my text devices plus the old main core running on my Mac mini, thinking that I could reactivate it to run in parallel while I migrate to the new QNAP Core.

One the QNAP is finished with the configuration. I tried re-activating the Roon Core on the Mac mini, but now it is telling my membership only allows me to authorize up to one device.

I have a lifetime membership and I have always been entitled to 3 devices.

How do I get my authorisation rights back?

1 license ( lifetime or annual) allows 1 core to be active. You can have any number of cores, but only 1 can be active at any time.

Is this a new “feature”?

I have always been able to run up to 3 Roon Cores on the same network, retaining additional ones for testing, compare sound etc.

Especially now I am migrating from one Roon Core to another, I need to test and compare the 2 Roon Cores, as I have tens of thousands of tracks and albums.

I am also having a problem with migrating and retaining all the Edits over as stated in my other post.

This is looking like a monumental project. Part of the killer feature of Roon is customising my listening universe, currently I am at a lost of how to retain my old environment, which I have maintained for years, to my new Core.

Can’t say why you have had a 3-core license, does not make any sense. But anyway, there is seldom any trouble keeping two cores running at one time, its just that the license needs to be moved around occasionally. (I am at the moment running three cores simultaneously, for evaluation purposes)

How do you run 2 cores at the same time when you only have one license? That is precisely my problem, I tried booting up the old server and it tells me i can only have one license.

Both are running yes, but that does not mean they are active at the same time.
When you Disconnect a core in your controller, you are presented with a list of available cores. Select the one you wish to configure/control. You might be forced to Deactivate the previous Core, but that wont stop it running. There is a timespan, after which the previous Core will check online for it’s authorization, if no licence is available it will cease its activity, like analysing files and such. It will still be available on your network though, for reactivation.

As i said, i have three Cores running at this time and can switch between them with the occasional Activation/Deactivation process.

Oh, and i have learned NOT to press Logout in the upper left corner of the Activation screen. When that core needs to be reactivated the login process is veeeery sloow and tedious…

Thanks, it was definitely helpful. I have do more trying out as like most of you my DB is getting big and messy.

Regarding the multiple Cores, I need to someone from Roon HQ to explain, I am quite sure I did have 3 cores running simultaneously.

Perhaps the early version did allow multiple cores? I am an early subscriber going back a few years.

Hi @agentsmith,

It’s always been one licence = one active Roon Core … the only exceptions I can think of are for beta testers and Roon partners where extra licences are sometimes granted.

I’ll tag @accounts they will be able to check the history and status of your account.

Thanks Carl.

Hi @agentsmith,

There isn’t anything in this area that’s been changed — One license has always meant you have one active authorization. If you were seeing otherwise that was not working as intended.

One thing to note is that it’s easy to switch which core is authorized and you can do this as often was you like, but only with one active at a time per license.

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