Roon Core Connection Lost

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Roon Server App for Qnap TS-451+

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Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sonos Connect and Linn Akurate, manege with pc or android device.

Description Of Issue

I have to connect to Roon Core every time i want to use the application, whether i open the pc application or from the android device.
I have to select the Roon Core, enter the info account, and unathorized the Roon Core to acces at same Roon Core… It’s really annoying to have to do the whole process every time, how do i/you solve it?

Note regarding translation: in the window where you enter the info account the botton to start free account has a wrong word in spanish, “comensar” is wrong, it’s “comenzar” with Z


Hi, have you tried updating the QNAP App as there is a known issue with it? Please see link below, it needs to be installed manually in the QNAP App Centre.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, i didn’t see this post.
I updated Roon Core manually, and using the android device it seems work properly, we will see when the Nas reboot

Good to hear, hopefully it’s resolved your problems.

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