Roon core continuously crashing

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Amplify HD, ethernet to Roon, wifi to devices

Connected Audio Devices

Naim ND5XS2, Bluesound flex 2i, AQ cobalt through MacBook Air M1, all wifi

Number of Tracks in Library

27,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Hi Guys, my Roon core keeps crashing and I feel like it started when I tried out a DSD file to my Naim streamer. Since then the machine crashes continuously, playing 3/4 songs on any device and then I get this circle where it waits for my Roon core. Can’t access the web interface and have to restart the NUC manually for the thing to work again. Help!
Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 12.59.19

When this happens, is the NUC powered-off?

My guess, is your NUC is overheating, and the Intel BIOS is shutting off the power to prevent CPU damage.

Probably time to give it a clean; this means disassembly and blowing or vacuuming dust from the fan and ducts.

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There is absolutely nothing more awesome than a straightforward answer, simple fix and it works too.

Thank you SO much, as that was indeed the issue! I’ll keep an eye on it from now on! :pray:

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