Roon Core crash

Not sure how useful this is, but here it is anyway. I was just listening to music when it stopped. My remote (Android) could not find the Core for a moment, then recovered and I was able to continue playing. Looking at the Core logs, looks like The Core crashed. Here’s the relevant log info:

    03/18 18:36:07 Error: 
    Local Time:            03/18/2017 18:36:07 -07:00
    Device Serial Number:  52EC860F-6816-4454-A481-A4D7412AED73
    User Id:               dd7df65c-9a1d-4e62-a694-fab4e4636d9f
    Roon Version:       1.3 (build 209) stable
    OS Version:            Linux 4.4.0-67-generic
    Mono Version:          4.6.2 (Stable Wed Jan 25 15:24:22 EST 2017)

    Application Domain:    RoonAppliance.exe
    Assembly Codebase:     file:///opt/RoonServer/Appliance/RoonAppliance.exe
    Assembly Full Name:    RoonAppliance, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

       Exception Source:      RoonBase
       Exception Type:        System.NullReferenceException
       Exception Target Site: <AddOneShotTimer>c__AnonStorey5.<>m__0
       Exception Message:     Object reference not set to an instance of an object
       Exception Data:        none

       --[ Stack Trace ]------------
       Sooloos.CallingThread/<AddOneShotTimer>c__AnonStorey5.<>m__0(Object _)
           callingthread.cs, line 102, col 0, IL 40, N 95
       System.Threading.Timer/Scheduler.TimerCB(Object o)
           mscorlib.dll, IL 7, N 394
           mscorlib.dll, IL 25, N 47
           mscorlib.dll, IL 150, N 496
           mscorlib.dll, IL 0, N 11

Hi @Fernando_Pereira ----- Thank you for the feedback! If this happens again can you drop me a download link via PM with a full set of logs from your core?


Thanks, @Eric, will do when if it happens again.

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