Roon Core did not upgrade to 2.0

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iMac Monterey

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Don’t know

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Lots. Too many to list

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Description of Issue

I have updated all my devices to Roon ARC. None of them will connect to Roon since my Roon Core has not updated to Roon 2.0. I cannot use Roon!

Update your core to 2.0. Check it for updates within settings and upgrade. Make sure you also download Roon 2.0 on all your devices. Not just ARC.

There is no upgrade option provided in settings.

In the ‘About’ tab, it shows that it is running version 1.8 (build 1126) production 1x and that I have the latest version installed.

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Hi, @David_Page, could you, please, download this installer – MacOS All-in-one / MacOS Remote, install it and see if you will be able to run 2.0 on your machine?



It’s the same for me.
I had to install the 1.8 Legacy version on the pilots. Now remotes know the core.

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