Roon Core doesn't see RoonBridge?


I’m running my Core on a Win 10 PC. Been doing so for a long time.

I have a dedicated audio PC running Win Server 2012R2 with a USB DAC attached. In the past I had this same machine with RoonBridge and worked perfectly. Had to reinstall WS2012R2 and now the Core PC doesn’t see te RoonBridge PC connected, even though I confirmed RoonBridge is up and running on the audio PC and the DAC is on.

Any idea why the audio PC isn’t automatically mapped on Roon Core?

thank you!

Make sure that the PC’s firewall have the appropriate Roon and/or RAAT exceptions.

Thank you. Should I check this at the Roon Core PC (where I believe I enabled this in the past), or at the RoonBridge PC?

Hi @Horacio_Lewinski,

You’ll want to make sure these exceptions are placed on both PCs for Roon to work properly.

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