Roon core dropout

**IMAC 2013OS Catalina 10.15.4, 2.9 ghz Quad core I5, 8 gb memory, 1 tb Sata disc.
Ethernet port not operating, using ethernet through USB ( yes that may be the problem)

Xfinity Network 200 mbps , music storage QNAP 251+

Playing stored music from NAS and streamed music through qobuz to Linn Klimax DSM

Music is occasionally freezing up for a few seconds especially when playing 24 bit 176 or 192 kh tracks. This happens a few times per track mostly on high res music

although my ethernet port is dead , I’m getting 80 mbps through ethernet to USB port.
Mac storage is not solid state.

I’m trying to decide what to upgrade to fix the problem:
1:get a new iMac with solid state storage and more memory and processing power or
2: get a Nucleus or similar device, with solid state storage
3: Neither, find a fix for the problem
I’m not sure where the problem is

This doesnt happen when playing the Linn player through the Kazoo app and qubuz directly through the player

Hi @Keith_Jackson,

Welcome to the forum! I suggest that we start by eliminating the QNAP from the equation - if you try to copy a few tracks over to your iMac local storage, do you have the same issue when playing them?

What does your Signal Path show as the processing speed when this issue occurs? Could you share a screenshot of it when the issue happens?

Yes , same issue when playing from local storage. As I said , Mac storage not solid state, so maybe that’s the problem , unless you can think of something else

If I cancel my trial period, fix the problem then start a paid subscription, will I lose all my saved data in Roon?

I dont want to buy a new mac with a ssd and then have to get a nucleus as well because the problem persists

Hi @Keith_Jackson,

Your Roon database is associated with your email address, so as long as you start a subscription with the same email used to create the database, you should be able to restore it at a later point in time.

How is the Linn Klimax connected to the network? Is it connected via Ethernet to the router? What kind of router are you using - what is the model/manufacturer?

The router is Motorola MG 7700. Connected to listening room by ethernet.In the listening room a switch splits the signal to the Linn Klimax and to my IMAC where the Roon core is currently located. Playing directly to the Klimax either through Qobuz or the NAS has never been a problem. Playing Roon through the MAC is causing occasionally dropouts on 24 bit 176 and 192 k music

Oh , and hi Rez music from Qobuz does not freeze up . Only music stored either on the NAS or on the Mac hard drive

Hi @Keith_Jackson,

When this occurs, what does the Signal Path look like? Can you share a screenshot? Is your “Processing Speed” above 1.2x?

Just to confirm, this is Qobuz high-resolution content from Roon? You do not experience the issue with this?

I’m getting freeze up on stored 24 bit 176 k files , not qobuz
processing is not above 1.2 , not even showing

I think the processing of my mac is probably too slow unless I close every app running except ROON

Hi @Keith_Jackson,

When processing speed does not show, this is actually a good sign, that means the processing speed is over 100x.

Since this is just the media from your drives, it does sound like the hard drive is not able to read/write fast enough from both the QNAP/Mac HDD, but it is strange that both are affected, have you by any chance checked your drive for errors?

Do you have another PC around the house or is the iMac the only PC you have? I agree that it is a bit outdated, but it’s not clear if this is the root cause just yet.

Let’s also start gathering diagnostics to see if we can find more clues there, can you please reproduce the issue and note the exact local time + date + track you next experience this issue?

@Keith_Jackson Order a Thunderbolt to Ethernet for your iMac and try with that…apple shops have a 14day no questions asked full refund/return policy…they do for everything in the store including Macs soo you could try it and see if that solves the issue even on a newer Mac…refurb units do to IIRC

I did get the thunderbolt to Ethernet cable, so I’m getting my full speed now. However the problem persisted. What resolved it is that I set my Mac for auto reboot every day at 4 am . That uncluttered the processor and Fixes the problem . It’s a bandaid solution until I decide whether to get a new Mac or a nuke at some point this year. Thanks for the help


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