Roon Core drops/looses hundreds/thousands of albums repeatedly

Roon Core Machine

Win 11 headless server with 32Gb RAM, 250Gb Samsung NVMe and 10Tb WD Red running Roon Server. (Intel Core i5-11400)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Server hard wired, a mixture of hard wired endpoints, Asus AX58 router.

Connected Audio Devices

USB from Core, Pi’s and SOtM sMS-200 Ultra Neo via unmanaged switches. Sonos and Bluesound devices wireless.

Number of Tracks in Library

around 180K tracks local, ca 300 albums on Qobuz

Description of Issue

Roon Core looses some of my albums when the Core has been running for a while, say a couple of weeks? I don’t know what triggers this, and Windows does not report anything strange regarding the storage.

Before restart:

After restart:

I did see this a couple of weeks ago also, and then the album count was almost half of the real value. A restart helped, just like it did now.

I’m on Early Access for the Core, but the iPad used for screenshots is not.