Roon Core has stop communicating with remote app after last week's update on Grimm MU1

I own the Grimm MU1 and it has stop connecting its Roon core after the last Roon remote update.
Since the remote app is my only way of connecting to my internal core in the Grimm MU1, I cannot trouble shoot to find out what happen to cause this.
Have any other user’s of the Grimm MU1 had this issue and have you found a fix?


What build are your remotes and the mu1 on?
Latest is 931 I believe.

Also I don’t see the Grimm listed under the Roon Ready list, is this an official Core license?

Paging @Justin_V

Yes both the MU1 and the Remote app are running the latest version of Roon 931.
When the update was done, both were playing fine until I closed the Remote app and placed the MU1 in standby for two days while I was out of town on business. The Grimm MU1 can only run with Roon to stream, so I assume that they are an official core license user for their platform.
After browsing the latest trouble posts here, it seems like others are having the same issue with the remote app not finding their core after it had been working with no issues for several months, as is the case with my Roon setup. With nothing changing but the recent update.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Terry,

I have been notified of your problems through our support channels, after you followed Eelco’s advice I was able to restore your MU1 to default.

@ged_hickman1, thanks for paging me. Terry has contact with us now!

Justin Vis


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