Roon Core instability

Roon Core Machine

HTPC-Core-Win 11, 3600X, 16GB, dedicated NVME for Music and 9 other drives.

Office Laptop as endpoint is Win 11 i9-11950H 64GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti router-AP and Netgear switch, core is hardwired.

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

35k tracks

Description of Issue

I put my HTPC to sleep at night, then wake with magic packet to listen at the home office. Several times over the last several weeks (I’ve only had Roon for several weeks), Roon crashed and was not running after the HTPC has been woken. I RDC to it to start Roon core and all is good. Sometimes Roon will connect to the core, but then there are no audio devices, so I restart Roon core. Occasionally Roon looks like it is connected to Tidal, but upon trying to play tracks, they are all missing, thus restart Roon core.

I like the usability of Roon, however the stability leaves a LOT to be desired. Plex never has any issues on my HTPC. I imagine that if I don’ t put my HTPC to sleep Roon will probably behave better. It has been more than a decade since I struggled with this instable of an Application.

I really think that the core should be a service or at least an executable that auto-restarts if it crashes.

Hi @HotPinkDragony ,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the frustrations here!

Can you please let us know the exact local time + date when you next experience this issue? We can enable diagnostics mode on your Core afterward to see if logs contain any further clues.

These symptoms do sound a bit abnormal though, I would not expect to see such behavior unless there was a deeper issue, such as a failing hard drive or something similar.

Can you also please perform a disk check to ensure that the hard drive itself is in a good state? Let us know the results of the drive test and the timestamp of the next issue when possible, thanks!

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