Roon Core installed on Synology with dms7 can not add new files in real time

I had installed roon core on dms6, when I add new file to music folder, it will soon add files to roon database, then I can play it. But now I installed roon core on dms7, in storage, it shows watching real time. but when I add files to music folder, the roon core and not add files automatically, I need enter the storage using “force scan”.

Any solution for this problem?

It’s a known issue and not really a bug; it’s related to the default number of “file handles” set on your Synology NAS’s filesystem. You can go in at the command line on your Synology and change that, but unless you are adding music all day long every day, going in and using “force scan” is usually practical and incredibly fast, and will ultimately use less system resources than upping the file handles. There are several other threads in these forums about this issue if you are curious about more information.

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@DDPS is correct. I also agree that the simplest thing to do is to force a manual rescan when you’ve made library changes.

If you want to try to change the behavior, here’s a post I wrote a while back on how to do it with a startup task. Can’t promise that it works now, but it used to.