Roon Core Issue

I recently switched my Roon Core from QNAP NAS to new specced up Mac Mini as core and SSD Drive for music files. I note that on my devices Roon must be open on my Mac mini for the Roon Core to be found. Is there a way of having Roon Core on the Mac mini but not have to have Roon (the player/contorl) open on the Mac mini? It isn’t that big a deal as I have to have the Mini on anyway but I’d rather not have to have Roon open. I thought the Core could “sit” on the Mini like it did on the QNAP NAS.

Install Roon Server on your Mac Mini, and use that as the Core (and optionally Endpoint). Then the Roon installed on your Mac Mini can just be used as the Control component, and be used when required.(sorry @xxx :slight_smile: )


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Thanks Geoff. Running beautifully and lightning fast on all devices with Mini and external SSD wired to Sotm ultra via SOtM Cat 7 cable. Sounding great.

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