Roon core not finding music on NAS

Core Machine

Roon core is on Sonic Transporter ver 2.8

Music Library is on new Synology DS220+

Using Windows 10 pro as remote (i7, 32 GB RAM)

Network Details

The sonic transporter, the NAS and the pc are directly connected to my Pace 5268AC router using ethernet 5E or 6 cables.

Audio Devices

SONOS connect

Library Size

3000 albums

Description of Issue

I had been running Roon without problems until my old Synology NAS crashed and would not boot. I replaced it with a new Synology DS220+. I setup the new NAS and copied my backed up music library to it. I confirmed that I was able to map the new NAS and view all folders using my Windows PC.

I started Roon on the PC and removed the old music storage locations (on the old NAS).

I mounted the new NAS (read-only) on the sonic transporter.

I stopped roon core on the sonic transporter and then restarted it

I then restarted roon remote on my PC and configured the new music storage location on the NAS. During this process, the music folder and all the sub-folders were visible and when I saved the configuration is shows that the NAS is connected and the folders are being scanned in real time. However, when I go to the Home page no albums are visible and roon tells me that I need to start adding music. When I go to Albums, there is a message saying that “it looks like one of your storage locations could be offline” and wants me to make sure everything is connected. As I said, when I go to storage settings it indicates that the NAS is connected and that it is watching for new files.

I have tried using the NAS IP address instead of share name and get the very same problem. My NAS password is long but has no special characters.

At this point (after many hours), I am stumped.

Thanks for any help.

OK . . . . update . . . Roon is now scanning the music folder on my NAS. No idea why it suddenly started to work, but happy that it is!

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