Roon core now roon server

im running a roon core on my mac air m1 and a remote on imac. since the new build the mac air core is now showing as a roon server without me doing anything. all my tidal qobuz and metadata on albums is good. on entering the library of folders on both computers im seeing a roon server and roon file.

i understand there are issues with the new update. if i want to move back to core on the mac air as it was before what should i do? also if i now want to make the mac air just a server what should i do here? finally there is a remote showing on the mac air server ie this computer is a roon server and also this same computer is a remote. how would one remove the remote here so the computer runs the server headless.

the mac air server is working perfectly just by opening the lid and i see it on the imac remote.

See the release announcement for the latest update, it explains everything:

The current issues that some people are experiencing are only loosely related to this (insofar as something in this update is causing trouble for some people, but the Core > Server change was an intended change and is not an issue). There is no going back anyway, but as you don’t seem to be experiencing problems, it seems that all is fine for you.

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slight confusion apologies.

when you say the Core > Server change was intended can you please explain in as much detail as possible what is going on here thanks.

is it now ok to have both roon server and roon files showing in the library of both the mac air server and imac remote?

finally if the change was intended is it also intended that there should be a roon remote on the roon server and should i now leave it this way. ie i now have the option to use the remote or just run the server with no UI?


A strange occurrence after updating to the latest version. My roon core is on a mac air M1 in the study room and my roon control is on my imac in the adjacent room. The imac controls an ipod roon endpoint connected to my mscaler.

Suddenly my mac air core is no longer showing as a core but is now a roon server? I did nothing at all here it just changed by itself. All my data tidal qobuz and all meta data is unchanged thank god. I’ve been running the above described set up for a long time with no issues. The imac remote and mac air server are showing the latest versions. The ipod is the only device i need to update.

I’m quite happy to continue with the mac air as server as it means i can play music without even having to load up roon on the laptop server. This could actually work in my favour.

I just need to know exactly why my core has suddenly become a server???

If the UI is showing on the macbook air server which is where it is showing me this macbook air is server does that mean the core is there too as i thought the server had no UI?

As i have not authorised a seperate core and server on the mac air therefore i assume that the GUI must be a remote which has also appeared suddenly?

“Yes you can run them both but you can only authorize one of the 2 at a time. They setup as different cores so have different database setups if you chose to run the roon all in one as a core”.

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This was always like this if the Show Hidden Albums setting is off. Then the number in Home counts every album version separately, while My Albums counts the albums after version grouping.

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The server and the UI app are now packaged together in the „Roon“ installer, but the server runs as a separate program. This is the better configuration even on a single computer and you now get it automatically (it was always impossible to install it this way manually).

For the rest please read the release announcement that I linked twice, it goes into all the details

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Many thanks Suedkiez i have been totally confused the last 24 hours thinking there was an issue with the latest update. I will now read the read the article carefully and thanks for the clarification.

With the new arrangement i now have two choices. 1) To run the server headless and 2) to run the server and the remote at the same time. Thats fine.

The remaining point is it okay to see both roon and roon server files in the library of both mac computers the mac air server and the imac remote?

Set the server to launch on startup. Only open Roon GUI when you want to use it.

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Yes because every installation now comes with both the server and the remote installed. You then simply choose to run both (on a single computer), or just the server (if using a separate server), or just the remote part (on the computer you sit at if the server is a separate computer)

finally all understood. many thanks. it was confusing however. i didn’t realise the article explained everything till now.

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