Roon Core on DS1513+

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Hi there,

I have a Synology DS1513+ NAS. Is there a build of Roon core available for this?


Hi Rafi, did you have a read of the posts in the thread you linked above ?

Plenty of info in there which should help you.

Hi there,
I did, although got quite confused by it all and couldn’t find a link to a package file. I’ll re-read and see if I can figure it out. Thanks for responding.

The current spk file is in post 129..

Keep in mind to set the trust level of the package center to “any developer” for installation and not to have OpenVPN enabled.

awesome, thanks very much, will give it a go!

I’d be really interested to hear how you get on. I have one and have Roon core running on it quite happily. However my control points, a MacBook Pro and an iPad can only conduct to it some of the time. They say connecting and instantly flash up with failed to connect, when they decide not to work.
Christopher was really helpful and I get it working just not consistently.

Good to know @weedos . I’ll report back on the other thread (linked at the top of my OP)

@crieke Chris, it worked a treat straight away! thanks so much for your help, not to mention all the hard work making the thing.

@ncpl thanks for your help, I’ve added a description of my experience to the other thread and will continue to post updates as I go.

so far so good @weedos