Roon core or Roon server on laptop

Launch at startup means that Roon Server will be launched when you start Windows and sign in.

You are talking about the Roon icon in the Taskbar, right?


And it does not show the menu when you right-click on it?

Ok think I did it. I don’t have a mouse and have been right clicking the wrong way. I was able to see launch at start up and clicked on it. Now, how to I find out if it is really lunching at start up?

The fact that you have the icon in the Taskbar means that it is now running.

If you want to test to see if it launches at startup, then just reboot Windows. If the Roon icon appears again on the Taskbar, then you know that it has successfully launched on startup.

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Excellent, thank you all for your help. I am squared away. Being a music loving audiophile is gonna kill me yet

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