Roon Core Partners page

With the new web design, is there place to find Roon Core partners? It seems to have disappeared.

It’s right here…

I see that. Those are Roon ready and tested devices. Not specifically Roon core devices. They had a section for that before.

Or better said, they had a separate Roon core section previously.

I only remember a section on recommended NUC devices compatible with ROCK. That info still exists; in this article you’ll find a matrix of recommended NUC models:

I don’t remember info about other third-party core devices on Roon’s website. Maybe there has been before, now I am not able to find it.

This is what I was refering to, this is from Feb, 2017. I just randomly picked a flashback date.

As you wrote in your original post, that section seems to have been removed from the new site. And it maybe makes sense as, complying with a minimum hardware configuration, Roon can be installed on near every computer, and for better results there are Roon’s own Core servers (Nucleus and Nucleus+) and the possibility to configure a NUC with ROCK. And for all those options there still is info available on Roon’s web site.

Interesting. I suspect that (with a few exceptions) Roon Labs found that licensing the Core software to hardware manufacturers was proving more trouble than it was worth.

It was just nice to see what steamers/servers could also be a core device, like the Innous statement.

Now I have to click on a punch of companies logos and see if they offer this function.

I think it would be good for them to create a definite list of licensed providers, as we have seen the manufacturers information can be complete porkies.
@danny are there plans to extend Roon ready and tested lists to include authorised “Roon Installed” servers ?

Semi-correct. Correct is that it wasn’t worth the trouble, but incorrect because it was never a licensed thing. We just allowed these manufacturers to distribute our software for a time. Given the support burden, we don’t do that anymore.

Additionally, we were able to do some serious performance increases on Roon OS (ROCK & Nucleus) that aren’t available on Linux, so these older Core devices are running with a 20-30% performance penalty given the same hardware.

There aren’t many of these devices out there anymore, and we have a new program in the works that actually licenses the proper technology (Roon OS), but no devices are currently released yet. When this is done, we will bring back the page.

Innuos has this performance penalty and their current products are not supported at all by our team, as we never have had one in our hands.


If I recall correctly this started with the release of 1.7. Are there any plans to make the same enhancements available with the general Linux server builds, or to indicate what packages Linux users should be updating to realise the performance gains?

Does anyone know who (why?) someone created this website? I assume Roon isn’t concerned, but it can be confusing for some.

It’s so out of date and rubbish to boot.

Yup, we will get around to it soon I hope…

yah, here:

Unfortunately, it’s fallen behind by a lot and I’ve gotten no responses from the owner to my PM.

We are working on a fix for this on our own site.

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