ROON Core plus ROON Server on same PC?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 64 bit desktop computer/Intel i7-6700k CPU @ 4GHz, 32 GB RAM
ROON version 1.7, build 571 (stable)

I have Roon installed to use as a remote on the following devices:

  • Razer Blade 13 Windows 10 PC laptop - WiFi
  • Two iPad Air 2 tablets - WiFi
  • iPhones Xs - WiFi

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Router is an ASUS GT-AX11000 with two ASUS ZenWifi AX nodes.

Desktop PC (Core) has a CAT6 Ethernet connection to the router and the devices I use as remotes connect through WiFi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Integra DTR 40.2 preamp and Emotiva LPA 6 amp
Streaming to a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 streamer using a hardwired CAT6 network connection

Description Of Issue

I want to be able to have Roon Core running in the background on my Windows desktop PC so if I exit the ROON GUI on the desktop, I can still access the music on the hard drive of my desktop PC and control streaming for all Nodes. I read several posts about using a Roon Server installation on a headless PC or NAS, but I am not using a NAS or headless PC.

I want the GUI available on my desktop PC for those times I’m using the Roon interface on that PC. The problem I have is when I close Roon on the Desktop PC, no other Roon Remotes can connect to the CORE. I guess I could just minimize Roon on the Desktop PC, but I’d rather close it and have the Roon Server continue to run in the background so system resources are freed up…

Should I install the RoonServer on my desktop PC and migrate the current installation Roon to that, so I can close the Roon GUI on the same machine and still have remote access to my server? If so, will I need to uninstall the full original installation I did of Roon and then reinstall the GUI version on top of the Server installation on my desktop PC?


Yes you do exactly this. you just tell the roon remote to connect to the Roon Server instance.

Thanks for your help. I followed the directions in the link and successfully have the Roon Server running as the Core on my office desktop PC. I configured that Roon Server Core installation using a Roon Remote on my iPad and then installed Roon back on the original office desktop PC housing my Core, so I can use the GUI to control music. When I installed Roon on my office desktop PC, I connected it to the CORE already running on the same PC.

I can play and control all music sources from my desktop PC as well as the iPad and iPhone remotes, but I can’t see any images inside Roon. None of the album art from the files in the “My Music” folder of my office desktop PC show up anymore, nor do internet radio station icons or even my profile picture. When I look at My Music using another remote like my iPad or iPhone, I can see all the album art. Seems very odd not to show on the desktop PC when I can see it everywhere else. My linked Tidal account artwork is missing as well when I use the Roon Remote on my office desktop PC running my Roon Core. I can play the files in My Music from either my desktop PC, the desktop PC GUI or iPad and iPhone remotes. It looks like there is a very faint circle spinning where the artwork or my profile image should be when I use my office desktop PC installation of Roon remote, but no image loads.

I uninstalled Roon, then Roon Server Core and deleted my Roon folder so i could do a clean install. I still can’t see any of my local music album art or many of the Tidal icons. A few of the local music file albums have a grey cross-hatched square as album art, but the vast majority are just blank. I can click on what should hold the album art and I get a popup with arrows to select between different images, but there is no image to view. Bizarre!

Any ideas how to get my album art back? I have 3 days left on my trial and will keep it if I can square this away.I’m sure it’s user error on my part, but I love looking at album art and want to be able to see it.


Hello @Tony_Zimmerman, and thanks for your report! We’ve seen issues like this in the past and I have some items for you to try! Could you please:

  1. try with your firewall / antivirus disabled
  2. update .NET framework on the core
  3. Reinstall RoonServer after a reboot

Please let me know if these options help! I have more things for us to try if your issue persists.

I was able to get things working properly by disabling my firewall/anti-virus (BitDefender Total Security), reinstalling the RoonServer and then creating exceptions for RoonServer in BitDefender. It was a ‘bit’ of a pain, but I got through it and am once again loving Roon!

Thanks for your help!

Hello @Tony_Zimmerman, that’s awesome news! Please let me know if you have further questions, we’re happy to help!

Well, I reported success too soon. The Artwork and profile picture have disappeared again from Roon on my office PC where I have RoonServer running in addition to Roon for controlling music when I listen in the office. I could go through the same steps of disabling my AV/Firewall, but that will be a pain every few days. I had also created exceptions in my AV and Firewall for the Roon, roonserver and roonappliance exe files in their respective C:\users\my name\appdata\local folders. Any other ideas? I assume it’s related to a compatibility issue with BitDefender Total Security.


Apologies if I misunderstand what you want, but judging by the title of your post, I think there is some confusion as to what the various pieces of Roon do.

To accomplish what you want you don’t need both RoonServer and Roon.

The software that Roon Labs calls ‘Roon’ has all the pieces you need.
That would be Core, Control (i.e. Remote), and Output (i.e. Endpoint or Zone),

What are you accomplishing by having both Roon and RoonServer?

It’s true some people run that way, but for very specific reasons.

BTW - feel free to ignore this post.

You do need to allow raat too tho

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I’m certainly not the expert here, but I’m not sure you can run Roon server and full blown Roon on the same computer at the same time. Maybe you can, but when I read the posted Roon KB, it talks about Roon server on one computer and Roon on another computer, unless I misunderstood what I read.

Yes you can run them both but you can only authorize one of the 2 at a time. They setup as different cores so have different database setups if you chose to run the roon all in one as a core.

Thanks for the prompt replies! I wanted to have Roon Server running in the background so I can close the Roon GUI when I’m not actively using my office computer. This allows me to still keep my office desktop PC as my Roon Core so I can control music in other areas of my house, while minimizing resources running on my office desktop PC. There are times I’m in the office and actively using the Roon GUI to control music and other times I start a playlist on the office computer and don’t touch the Roon GUI, so I want to be able to close it and not lose connection to the Core for my other Controls and End Points.

I see a NUC in your future. This is one reason I bought a Nucleus. I kept shutting down Roon by accident on my laptop.

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OK, that is the specific reason people do what you are doing. :neutral_face:

OTOH, some people do it out of pure confusion.

Still, I wonder if there is something going on with this ‘dual’ setup that is causing your problems.

If you don’t bring up one or the other Roon piece does that change anything?

I only have the RoonServer running as my core, The Roon GUI installation I’m running on top of that server connects to the Core.

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I’ve run this way on both Mac and windows platforms for 4+ years and no issues at all. Roon Sever for the core and Roon for remote. Roon server without the graphics overhead is much less demand on the system when it’s not being used as a visual interface.

I run my roon servers in headless mode exclusively anyway unless I happen to be remote to the system and want to update the roon client

Yeah, it’s deja vue all over again. We’ve had this discussion before.

My reply is always the same. I don’t see the need for such unnecessary complication on any reasonably spec’ed computer.

If one wants to sometimes allow and sometimes limit access to the GUI, that’s something different, but in most cases I consider that to be over engineering…

Running both doesn’t really matter, except when it’s done out of confusion.

Another forum argument that’s just a tempest in a tea pot. :slightly_smiling_face:


My PC has plenty of power for Roon to run in the background. The problem I’m having is that Roon as a stand alone installation keeps getting shutdown, so I can’t access the Core from the other remotes. That’s the main reason I wanted to have the Core running in the background separately, so if my wife or I exit the Roon GUI we can still control our music from other remotes.

It would be great if Roon had an option that allowed it to be minimized to the tray when selecting the “X” instead of closing the program. Roon is new for our family and I’ll eventually train folks to leave it running. For now it’s just a minor annoyance.

Just saying…it became a $1119 annoyance for me.

Ha! You’re probably right, but I’m going to do my best to avoid the temptation for now and train myself/wife.