Roon core running on CAD CAT?

Can somebody confirm that Roon Core can run on CAD CAT?

Yes it does, to be clear you mean Roon Server, if you want to run Roon with the full GUI you will need to request support on this, its easy, the Intel graphics drivers need to be installed as well as .Net framework.

I know as I did the work to get Roon running on the CAT. However its so much easier to run Roon server, it uses far fewer resources, does not need unnecessary Graphics drivers and .Net, saves you about 250 active threads and 200Mb’s of ram. This is all results in much better sound quality.

Allows you then to use any iPad, Mac, or PC as a control point.

The CAD CAT is a Windows based computer so it should be easy to install Roon on it.

I agree with what Simon Kern has said. Any Windows based computer can run Roon but that is not the point. The best implementation of Roon on the CAD CAT is to run Roon Server only (no Roon GUI) to allow a minimum of processes to run in the background and then run the CAT headless and use an iPad, Mac or PC as a control point. The sound quality improvement is significant.