Roon Core slow - especially Overview view

I run Roon Core on a dedicated mac mini 2012.

Maxed out config: new Samsung 250GB SSD (85% free space); minimal fresh Mojave 10.14.6 system; i7quad processor at 2.6GHz; 16GB RAM; 3TB FW800 external drive. Running latest Core version and app versions everywhere (1.7/537).

About 15,000 albums (local+TIDAL+Qobuz); database size is about 12GB (sounds enormous to me); local files are mostly AIFF or DSF.

I am finding that Roon is a bit slow, especially when going to the “Overview” view.

So is this normal? Is my hardware lacking? What can I do to optimize performance?

PS: Not that it should matter but all my playing is over the network, ie there is no DAC connected to the mac core over USB. Clients are RAAT (dCS Rossini DAC and microRendu/Schiit DAC); Sonos; and Airplay. None playing necessarily when slowness happens.

Hello @miguelito, thanks for the details! I’d like to hear more about the slowness you’re experiencing in Roon. You said the Overview screen was especially slow, how long does it take to load? Is this behavior consistent?

Also, did this slowness appear recently? If so, how long did it take before? Let me know, thanks!

The overview screen takes about 5 seconds about 80% of the time, and can take as long as 1 minute about 20% of the time.

I monitor to CPU usage of this dedicated computer and it’s usually below 5% but I have not logged the usage continuously to see if load spikes when the slowness happens. My point: I don’t think it is a hardware limitation but I don’t know.

This slowness for loading the Overview screen in version 1.7 build 537 is very consistent. I dare to say that that in 99% it takes more than 5 seconds to load on any Roon remote, even when my Roon server is not plaing music i.e. actually doing nothing but running Roon server (+ HQplayer in idle state as no music is transported to it).


Overview isn’t somewhere I go often but I have been there a few times this evening on reading this thread. Less than two seconds for me but I have a small library of less than 10,000 tracks, very few of which are not local.

Hello @miguelito,

Are you using your ISP’s default DNS server? Have you tried Google or Cloudflare DNS? This could be a good test to see if it helps with loading times for the Overview page.

Also, can you elaborate on your network infrastructure? Things such as what router you’re using, any switches? Have you run a speed test when this general slowness occurs? Let me know, thanks!

I am using the default servers. But there is zero lag in accessing Qobuz or TIDAL from their native apps, or from Audirvana for that matter.

My average latency/speed is about: 12ms ping time, 350Mbps down, 22Mbps up.

So no, this is not the problem. And I would recommend that you are more careful about telling people to use alternate DNS servers.

Why? On the DNS server recommendation.

For someone with not a lot of experience, they could easily get disconnected from the internet and not know how to get back on.

Hello @miguelito, we have recently made some adjustments for the overview screen to help with issues like this. So far they seem to be helping users with similar cases. My team will continue to investigate this issue and if you noticed any changes recently in speed, please let me know!

Curious how you make an adjustment without a new release.

Anyway, in the last 5 days I have not experienced a massively slow Overview view, it’s taking about 3 seconds on average.

Going to Overview takes me about 2 seconds. A few days ago it took about 6 seconds.

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