Roon Core Stuck on White Screen after Update (Mac OS 10.12.3) [Resolved]

@support After the recent update to Roon 1.3 build 196 the app will no longer progress past the white screen with the animated Roon logo when I launch it. It’s running on a Mac mini OS 10.12.3. I am able to access the menu bar, about, preferences, etc. so the app does not appear to be totally hung just nothing in the main window past the white logo screen. Any ideas?

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Hey @Christopher_Borgmeye – I’d like to have a look at the logs from your Core in this state:

Can you go ahead and get into this state one more time, then zip up the entire Logs folder from your Core database (location here) and post a Dropbox link or similar here?

If you don’t have access to Dropbox, let us know and we’ll give you a way to upload logs directly to us.


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@support Dropbox link to the logs below:

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Christopher_Borgmeye ----- Thank you for the follow up! Confirming that your logs have been received and are awaiting evaluation by one of our developers. We appreciate your patience while we look into this issue for you.