Roon Core suddenly with low performance graphics and management

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Asus laptop, Windows 10.
i5 processor, 10GB RAM, 500GB SSD, built-in Intel HD Graphics4000.
All music stored on local SSD. Connected via WiFi, 5G network.
All music files in Coor are analyzed.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Internet 100/10 Fiber net, Router ASUS RT-AC66

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bluesound Node 2i
Wifi, 5G - “Good signal”

Description Of Issue

I use an Asus laptop as Roon Core. This mashine has worked perfectly fine as Roon Core for about a year.

I am slowly going forward in my build of a Roon collection but after about 850 albums something happend.
Suddenly the graphics are sluggish, makes it almost impossible to use Roon Core direcly from this mashine.
When I connect to Roon Core and controll Roon via Android or another Windows 10 PC everything runs smoothly exacly like it should.
There is no issue with sound.

It takes time to refresh album arts on the screen and when scrolling to next section of albums the screen freezes waiting for album arts to be updated.
Even when I go into settings meny it takes forever (at least about 15 sec) for the menus to react after a click.

Right now I am little bit over 1000 ablums (about 20% is added from Tidal) and I know this will not be considered as a large collection and I do not see any reason why my mashine suddenly acts sluggish.

If this behaviour has been from the start I would just considered my harware to be to poor to use as a Roon core, but it worked really good, with speed and performance just before I reached 850 albums.
All other applications on the computor works as it should (I.e. Chrome)

Why is Coor suddenly slow? Is this behaviour a result of to many albums for the hardware? Is there a setting or a way to optimze something to make the performance better?

Hello @Johan_Engwall,

Welcome to the forum. Can you try rebooting you Core and let me know if the behavior is still the same afterwards? Are you using any other resource intensive app in the background while using Roon? Is the behavior the same if you exit out of any unneeded apps?

Hello @noris

Since my Core is a laptop I usually turn off the computer every day after listening. So it is frequently rebooted. It is a music (Roon) dedicated computed so I try to keep other applications closed and away as far as possible from it. Normal is that the only application running is Roon Core.
I now checked task manager after unknown and heavy apps running in background. But cannot see that there is something strange eating up performance from Roon app.

wonder if this is the old Intel HD graphics driver issue raising its ugly head. Maybe try the 32Bit install.

did windows just do an update?

Thanks @wizardofoz
Graphics driver is definitely prime suspect.
I traced windows update compared to when the low performance started. Update in December 14, (KB4530684 + KB4533002) sould be the one…
I will try 32bit install of Roon.

Hi @Johan_Engwall,

Testing the 32-bit version is a good idea, I would also try using a fresh database first (before restoring any backups) to verify if this issue occurs on the fresh database or only after there is content added.


I tried the 32bit version and BAM! It works as it should again!

It worked to uninstall 64 bit application files - keep the setting and db file - and then install 32bit application. (I did a backup first just in case…)

Big thanks @wizardofoz and @noris

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Hi @Johan_Engwall,

Glad to hear the 32-bit version is working out for you!
If you have further issues do let us know.

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