Roon Core Win 10 PC and an Amp - Naim

Greetings All,

Loving my new world of Roon - Quboz (ripped CD collection) and NAIM Muso’s
I also have an Marantz Amp and speakers I would love to connect up.
I am thinking if I had the right hardware in my PC (Core) I could.

Any ideas ?


That would depend on what Marantz amp you have and where it is located in relation to your Windows 10 computer. If they are close together you might go USB out of you PC into a Roon bridge device, then RCA out of the Roon bridge into your amp. This is just one example.

There are lots of Roon bridge devices, but many here use a Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieee software. You can assemble one of these and load the free software in less than 15 minutes for about $75 if your amp has USB in. If you need RCA into your amp, you would attach a “HAT” to the Raspberry Pi 4 to give you the RCA or whatever you need.

If your amp and speakers are not close to your PC, you can use an ethernet connection to the Roon bridge. You would just connect that to your router.

There are about as many ways to do this as there are people here to suggest them. Some purchase a streaming device such as a BlueSound Node 2i and connect that by WIFI or ethernet and then connect it to your amp.

EDIT: Maybe you’ll get lucky like I did. When I started using Tidal on my laptop, I wanted to send it across the room to my Bose 5.1 sound system. In searching ways to do that, I discovered Roon. Then, I discovered that my Oppo 203 DVD player was a Roon Ready device and it was already connected to my Bose and my network. Bingo, enable Oppo in Roon and I’m done.


Thankyou so much for taking the time…

I presume I can go PC sound card into the Amp with RCA connectors…or even Bluetooth from PC to Amp although I am unsure of the quality that way… I have only RCA on the Amp so have a Logitech Bluetooth adapter that I was using via my phone and Spotify…Cabled is typically best IMHO…

Ditto I discovered Roon, which now lets me enjoy a backup of my Ripped CD catalog that used to be on an old iPOD which were all ripped Lossless
Now also discovered Quboz, a shame Roon doesn’t hook into Spotify, it seems, but hey Quboz sounds VERY good…

EDIT - you have got me looking at Oppo now - very nice indeed, can I rip with one straight to my Roon Library ?

As as Quboz and Roon (unless you go lifetime) is a pay for service, if I buy an Album on Quboz and then save to my Roon library, do I keep that music if for example I stop paying for Quboz ? (or Roon for that matter) ?

Yes, I have a core that goes from PC Sound card (EVGA NU PRO) to monitor powered speakers via RCA. Sounds fantastic.

If you buy music files and download them from anywhere, they are your’s. If you are just streaming from Tidal and/or Qobuz and download files to your computer, you are just “renting” them, same as Apple Music. When you stop your subscription, they are no longer usable.

I just stream from Tidal and Qobuz and rarely download anything. I did download a bunch of albums to my laptop to use when away from home, but I’m about ready to delete them. They are just using up space on my SSD.

@Rugby, thankyou… is that the EVGA NU Audio Pro 7.1 ? so you go Lineout on the Soundcard to say CD/DVD in on the Amp ?

It is indeed. I go RCA out to a pair of powered M-Audio Monitor speakers. But, if I had the Core next to an amp, I’d go RCA into the AMP. :smiley:

@Jim_F - Gottcha, just not sure of the dynamics of buying a Qobuz “Album” and then storing say on my Roon Core… if I removed Roon whether I could still access said “Album” like I can any ripped CD…
Will have to try…

@Rugby, that’s the plan as it will all be located together… I notice they also do a EVGA Nu Audio Card which they say is Audio Grade… My Amp won’t understand 7.1 and not sure I need RGB lighting :wink:

You don’t store any music on the Roon core. You store all your music files, regardless of where you got them, on a computer drive or USB drive, etc. Then, you copy these music files to another drive that is setup in Roon as your “watched” drive. Or, you just make that your watched drive. Roon plays music using that drive. Roon also downloads metadata for all of this music. The metadata is stored in Roon.

If you ever decide to move your Roon core to another device such as a Nucleus or NUC, you will install a drive in that device and copy all your music files to it. Then, you make that your “watched” drive in Roon.

I don’t use it as multi channel I use it in stereo mode. It is an upgrade all around from the original NU, which I also had for a year prior to upgrading.

You can buy the pro by itself with out the extra multi-channel add-on card.

And everyone needs RGB lighting… See my Core… :smiley:

LOL that is not a shy retiring Core… May have to go naked and RGB :slight_smile:
I remember years ago a RAID controller that had “Knight Rider” type lights…
Very useful in a closed server in a rack in a Data Center :slight_smile:

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Yes, I still have a ton of Adaptec RAID controllers in the servers at work.

Quality RAID controller, solid and reliable

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