Roon core won't connect to dac after recent update [Resolved]

Having just updated Roon to Version 1.3 (build 274), I can no longer play music from my Roon core device. Roon remote still connects to the core, and I can still control it as normal. Just not getting any sound. Roon core is a windows 10 headless server. DAC is a Rotel RA-1592. Everything was working fine yesterday, and I have checked all wired connections. Only change is the Roon update.

Hi, @Vaughan_Barnacle, thanks for the report! Could you please clarify:

  • What do you see in the Audio tab?

  • What do you mean by saying you do not get any sound? Playback is happening, but no sound or Roon cannot start playback to this zone?

  • Are you sure that you’re using the Audio Zone which corresponds to this DAC? (Just to be sure you didn’t miss it accidentally)

  • Do you connect your DAC directly to the Core or Remote?



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Hi Ivan

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

I’ve spent some time on this now, and it seems that my Roon remote software had not updated, but the Roon core had. I uninstalled the Roon remote app and reinstalled it, rebooted the hardware, and everything started to work again. Very strange. Perhaps there are separate settings for auto-updates…


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