Roon crashes after launch or during scanning rest of library [Resolved]

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 PC Roon all-in-one: OS on m.2 970 evo SSD, Ryzen 5900X, 32 GB 3600Mhz ram, RTX3080, core and used for UI (all in one roon).

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Cabled connection to ISP supplied modemrouter KPN Experiabox V10 ZTE ZXHN H369A via Netgear gigabit ethernet switch (mesh wifi point also attached), but problem remains directly connected to modem.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Denon PMA-1600NE DAC integrated amp via USB

Description Of Issue

After upgrading my pc, moving my music library to a directly connected external WD Elements HDD (NTFS) and renaming my pc in windows, Roon crashes after launch, or a short while after continuing scanning the files that haven’t been reimported to my library yet.

-This took place after a fresh windows install, when bios trouble hit me after upgrading my Ryzen 3600 CPU to a 5900x 12-core.

  • I tried removing and reinstalling Roon, and a second time including deleting all settings/databases. And some after that.
  • I tried disconnecting other USB devices attached to my pc
  • .net framework 4.8 installed, seems to be latest version.
  • I upgraded to an even newer bios that came out since then.
  • Crashing also occurs with dac disconnected and disabled.
  • When only connecting Tidal account and no library Roon seems to play fine, except for a Tidal is loading slowly error an hour ago, which surprised me since the ookla speedtest I immediately did after that happened gave the expected 190/60 down/up with a decent ping. So far seems to be an isolated incident.
  • When adding my Music library (around 2 TB’s of neatly filed artist-album folders) Roon crashes eventually (what can be after scanning thousands of albums, but when that has happened and I restart Roon, it crashes quickly after launch when trying to resume scanning the rest.
  • This kinda suggests a library issue? perhaps files that got damaged during the copy/paste to the external drive, or an issue with the external HDD itself? I don’t have the internal HDD installed anymore and did already format the drive. I tried removing the files added during the last week, but they don’t seem to be the cause.

I’m going to try adding parts of my library now (artists starting with ‘A’ to ‘J’ have been scanned fine thusfar, over 40.000 tracks) to see if I can find a specific file that makes Roon crash, but I saw this diagnostics mode thingy you guys can turn on, maybe that would help find something?

Will add logs after Roon has crashed some more, just reinstalled it again. :slight_smile:

edit: it just crashed when scanning the artist files starting with a M, after removing those from the library files, it doesn’t. Guess I’ll add artist by artist until found

When roon support come back on Monday they, as you say, should be able to see the file that’s being naughty.

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Hehe. That’s good to know, although I think I might have just found it. A seemingly innocuous Max Steiner album called Adventures Of Don Juan, with 20 mp3 files in variable bitrate. One of the few sub 320 kbps files I kept because I couldn’t find it anywhere else (I see it’s even on Tidal now).

I’ve had this album for a long time without problems, must have gotten corrupted during the transfer from HDD to HDD. I’ll add the rest to see if there are more naughty ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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Since I’ve scanned the entire 2TB’s of music and have been listening uninterrupted for some hours, that one max Steiner album seems to be the culprit.

-Since Roon barely restarted after scanning until that point, I could not doublecheck to see it was around the M artistst where it crashed, my best guess was N (since the most recently uploaded album was one by Nils Frahm).
-It took me a while to find out I did not need to stop Roon from scanning the entire Library, but remove the last suspect files from the music library; Since I was kind of watching the scanning process and it crashed around M, all I had to do was remove all artists starting with M from my library, and when that seemed to remedy the crashing, adding 1 by 1 from then on. Until the Max Steiner soundtrack proved to be the broken file.

Im checking this as solved, but hope someone learns from my detour :slight_smile:


Hi @Jeroen_Berndsen — I’m glad to hear that you were able to track down the file that was causing an issue! Would you mind sharing that file with us so we can get it to our QA team for further investigation? You can upload the file here:

Hi Dylan,

Of course. I uploaded the faulty mp3 album using your supplied link. :+1:

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