Roon crashes at startup after 1.8 update

I have thee same problem starting Roon 1.8 on Windows computer:
I can see the red cross in a white window and it will be closed immediately.
You can download my logfiles here:

Looking forward receiving a hint how to start Roon 1.8 on a Windows 10 computer again.

All the best

Hi, @Cornelia_Floter , sorry to hear about your troubles. I split you post to a separate thread, so our support team can provide better assistance helping to solve this issue.

Could you, please, specify the following: The machine affected by this issue is acting as a Core or Remote?



acting as a Core

Dear Ivan,
Roon is used as core on the windows computer. If you need more information, just let me know…
All the best
Markus Flöter

Thank you for the reply, @Cornelia_Floter . Could you, please, perform the following test:

  1. Locate your Roon database folder. Instructions for Windows can be found here
  2. Inside this folder navigate to Registry → Client
  3. There should be a file, which starts with “GMS…”
  4. Remove this file
  5. Try to launch Roon once again

Sorry for troubles.


Dear Ivan,

I found and delete the GMS file and tried to start Roon again.
But the error is the same: I can see a white Window with an red ‘X’ in it and after a few seconds the windows will be closed.

I deinstalled roon and a new installation could be opened to continue with the configuration.
Roon worked fine until the next start, again a white window with an red “x” in it is shown.
Searching for the GMS file shows no result.

Do you have other hints how to solve the problem?

Hallo Cornelia,

bei mir war das gleiche Problem aufgetreten. Das kurze Pop-up-Fenster mit dem roten Kreuz hat mich stutzig gemacht. Ich habe meinen Grafikkartentreiber aktualisiert. Seither läuft Roon wie es soll.
Ein Versuch ist es wert.

I also had to reinstall the intel HD 4000 graphic driver. Though my hp Laptop did not want to let me do it. So I had to install it manually.

Hi @Cornelia_Floter

Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics driver? Is there any change after doing so?