Roon crashes on Backup and sometimes when listening music

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro (15“, 2017, Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB); MacOs Monterey 12.4

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: Fritz!Box 7530 FRITZ!OS 07.29
Synology DS214play

Connected Audio Devices

Linn Majik DSM 2009 variant, software version 4.88.439, connected ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

14k Tracks

Description of Issue

In recent months, hardly any backup of the database succeeds. There are always errors when backing up the database.
After restarting the core, the music runs on the Linn device, but there are also repeated failures.
My last successful backup is from June 12th. If I now restore the database from it, interim information is gone. I’ve created a restore before. But the issues remain.

@Guenther_Koch, what’s the backup destination, and how is your core connected to your network?

Backup destination is a extreme ssd sandisk 1 TB connected with usb 3.0 to the MacBook Pro. The core is connected via LAN with 100 Mbit/s.

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Can you describe the errors? Also, I’m wondering if the MacBook is going to sleep during the backup. Could you try changing the Energy Saver settings and disable Power Nap.

Please describe these failures, too, in more detail.

If the backup is started, later on appears the message: you have to rebuild your database.
I’ve disabled power nap now.

Please describe these failures, too, in more detail:
Sometimes the core crashes and I have to restart it.

Thank you for your help!

Are you seeing this message?

Maybe your database is corrupted. If so, Roon will not back it up. That’s a change from a few months ago.

Yes! This is the message.

Unfortunately, this indicates that the database is corrupted, and this could be caused by a failing SSD.

If you click the Apple icon and select System Information, you can navigate to Hardware, look for the drive. If it’s listed, it should say “SMART Status: Verified” if okay.

I suggest you try a one-off backup to the MacBook’s internal drive, and another on the Samsung USB SSD, making sure the Mac does sleep during the backup.

SSD Drive is o.k. - status: verified
I tried a backup to the MacBook’s internal drive. I started the backup and send the Mac to sleep. Then again the same message: “There was an issue loading your database” :unamused:

Is that a typo? Is a backup successful if:

  • The Mac doesn’t go to sleep, or
  • You backup to the internal SSD and not the external one?

In all these cases backup is not successful.

After the weekend, Roon @support will be available to assist you.

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