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The system generally works faultlessly. However of late when signing out of Roon the Laptop/iPad locks up and freezes.

The only way out is to crash the laptop/iPad and this is becoming a pain as we have to sign in again on all the other programs running on the given machine.

Can you help please.

When you say 'signing out of Roon", are you logging off the Core each time you stop using it or just closing the Core or the remote application on the iPad and Mac?

Yes logging off after using it. It is often on all day but rarely in the evening or night. The main replay system is then shut down although the Nucleus is often on continuously.

OK, so the Nucleus stays running, but the clients are logged off. I am not sure that logging out of the client each time is necessary. I just close the app on my Mac, W10, or iOS devices but keep the login information on the device.

Have you tried staying logged into the client apps and just closing them? I haven’t had any issues with the Mac, Windows, or iOS app freezing on me when I have kept the account information before closing it.

Hi Robert
I was always told to log out of the apps that I was not using. Not being very IT savvy, I have largely done as I was told although I have generally left mail running as the laptop runs from 8.00 till 22.00 and then sleeps. Leaving Roon running would be no hardship but at some point the laptop will need to be closed down to go to other properties and at that point the laptop will freeze and not shut down Roon or the laptop. Crashing it is the only way forward. I am worried as I was also told that crashing the laptop should be avoided. But then what do I know at 83 I am to bloody old to get up to speed.

By logging off, I take it to mean that you are just closing the app via the Close button, an X in Windows, not sure what it is on the Mac. This is what you should be doing. What you shouldn’t be doing is going to settings/general and actually “loggin out of Roon”.

Correct on all questions.

Hi Robert
Yes I close the app by via the close button. [Red Dot top RH side] Then RH click the black dot under the Roon Icon in the task bar at the bottom of the screen and choose

Anthony, are you still experiencing Roon crashing on your laptop when you just “Quit” the Roon application?

Also, on the Mac, you can quit an application by typing together the Command (“⌘”) and “Q” keys so you don’t need to do anything on the Dock on the bottom of the screen.

When I chose quit that’s when the program freezes and then I am stuck as the cursor and gestures do not work and all I can do is crash the laptop. Sorry that my outline is confusing but I am trying my best and I live on my own.

It sounds like you are doing the correct sequence. Do you know which version of Roon you are running? The latest is version 1.8 (build 918), and can be found in the “About Roon” in the “Roon” menu bar at the top of the screen when Roon is running on the Mac. Roon has been updated over the past few weeks, specifically in one version to add stability for Macs.

Hi Robert
Yes the version is 1.8 (build 918). Good news is that by using command Q as suggested, it logs out and the laptop continues to work.Yeaaa. So a work around for the time being. Thanks so much, it does not get rid of the problem but I am so grateful for the help.


Glad to help and that you have some stability Anthony.

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