Roon crashes when adding album

Rock running on NUC10i3FNH 16GB + 256 SSD (Bios 50) running into Cambridge Audio Azur 851N into Cambridge Audio Azur 851 W Power Amplifier into Monitor Audio Silver 10 speakers

Remote is desktop app on Macbook Pro

Virgin Media Hub 3 Router using ethernet

Ethernet connection for both NUC and Cambridge Audio 851N streamer

Only 177 albums and 951 tracks so far. Streaming entirely from Tidal and Quboz - no NAS or external HD attached

When adding albums playing the Macbook Pro desktop UI can crash. The music carries on playing and I can go into Apps and reload. It is sporadic.

Lastest incidence was today 23 May 2021 at 19.38/19.39 GMT (UK time)

What are the specs in the mbp? Age etc os version…

I’m afraid I don’t know what MBP means or where to look for it. Sadly for me I’m just a middle-aged music fan with limited tech knowledge. The MacBook is mid 2014 running Big Sur 11.3.1

MBP is Mac book pro

Ha. Now I feel very foolish. Specs in addition to above are memory 8GB 1600MHZ and 2.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel processor. ROCK running on separate dedicated NUC10i3FNH 16GB + 256 SSD (Bios 50)

The MBP as a client should be fine…maybe try redownloading the installer from roon labs and reinstall over the existing one

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Thanks for the advice. Will give that a go. Does Roon Support ever get back on these types of queries? I’m guessing since they ask for the exact time it crashed they are able to look into the back end of my system and check? Or are my expectations too high (as you’ve probably guessed I’m a new Roon user)

I thing they are a bit stretched right now and it’s always catchup after the weekend. Hang tight but see how a reinstall goes.

Hello @Malcolm_Duffin,

I couldn’t be more sorry that you had to ask this question:

Does Roon Support ever get back on these types of queries?

We have been very late in getting back to our subscribers in the past few weeks and, as @wizardofoz was saying, we’ve been stretched a bit thin (thank you for your help @wizardofoz!). Things are looking up though, and we’re hoping this will not be the case again.

Since it’s been a while, I was wondering where things stand now and how can we best help? We’d love to :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka - thanks for getting back. As a new user, and on the excellent advice of @wizardofoz, I was able to carry out some remedial activities and also realised you have been stretched thin so fully understand why your response has been late - glad to hear things are getting a bit easier. All seems fine now. Had no problems at all in the last couple of weeks and am loving Roon. Many thanks to @wizardof oz for all the help and hopefully all is now good.


Hey @Malcolm_Duffin,

I appreciate your reply so much! Thank you for taking a moment to let us know what worked for you! I’m sure this will be of help for our entire community.

We do recognize the value of this community and @wizardofoz is a great contributor. Thanks!

Also, thank you for being so gracious and understanding :pray:

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