Roon Crashes When Adding Music[ticket in]

I have some MP4 music files that crash Roon when I drag them to the Roon icon. The files play fine in VLC.

@support - Let me know how to provide you a copy, if you want to test it.

Hi, @Nick, thanks for the report, you mean that you cannot import these file by drag-n-drop procedure? Could you please also tell what exactly do you mean by saying that app is crashing? What OS do you use and what’s your Roon setup?

Could you also please verify if any other files crash Roon for you?



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The app exits and has to be manually restarted.

Roon running on an MacOS 10.13.6 on iMac (Late 2015) with 24 GB memory. Latest version of Roon. Previous version also had this problem. Roon Core runs on a NUC.

Files from CDs that I ripped myself work fine. I have had issues with a few different downloaded files. Some work, some don’t.

Thanks for the info, @Nick, could you please send us the files which crash Roon app for you, I will give you more details via PM.

We will try to reproduce the issue internally.

Thanks and sorry to hear about the troubles!


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Thanks for responding so quickly Ivan. And on a Saturday too!

File sent.

Hi, @Nick, you mentioned, that your RoonServer (Core) is running on the NUC. Am I right, that this NUC runs on ROCK? Could you please verify that even if you drag-n-drop only one file from a group which causes Roon to crash, Roon app crashes?

Also, may I ask for more file, please? Follow the same steps which I gave you in the PM 2 days ago.



Yes, the NUC is running ROCK (latest). And, yes, even a single file causes the app to crash. The core does not crash.

I will send another file.

Thanks for info, @Nick, I reproduced the issue and put a ticket for our developers, hope that they will fix this one.

Apologies for inconveniences!


Thanks Ivan

Any chance this will be fixed soon? The latest free Phish release, Live Bait 15, crashes Roon when I try to add it.

Hi @Nick ---- Thanks for getting in touch with us, hope all has been well!

I just checked in with @ivan concerning your ticket and and I can see that work for the “fix” is still in our development queue, which means that the DEV team is still considering when this work should take place. Once the team has scheduled this work and it moves up in priority I will have a better sense of when a fix should be expected. We appreciate you continued patience during this process, thanks!


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@eric - Thanks for the update, but I’m a bit disappointing to hear that a reproducible crashing bug reported back in August has not been prioritized.