Roon crashes when I try to add a file or album by dragging to the icon

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I am having a problem adding files to Roon. I can’t seem to get any method to work. I tried pointing a folder at a dropbox file and it just says error every time I do that.

They told me I can just drag the album right to the roon icon on my computer that I use for remote control of my core and the roon software. That works sometimes but more often than not it immediately closes roon down.

Just the remote desktop software not the nucleus. I’m so confused by this whole things with adding files. I have asked a couple questions but nothing I’m doing is working.

I ripped a new CD into my Mac and it added in iTunes. I’d like to put that in roon and hopefully as a whole album and it gets all the data, album cover etc…

Hi @ryan_stratton,

I assume you’re trying to add files to the Nucleus’ Internal Storage here? To do so, you’ll want to follow the instructions listed in our Nucleus Internal Storage Doc.

First, can you confirm that you formatted the Nucleus Internal Storage at some point before adding any media to it? If you have already done this step, then you can proceed below, but if you haven’t formatted the drive yet, that’s the first step here and formatting can be done via the Nucleus Web UI.

After formatting the drive, you should use your Mac’s Connect to Server feature to access the Nucleus, you can type smb://NUCLEUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage (replace NUCLEUS with NUCLEUSPLUS depending on the model) into the Connect to Server window and it should bring up a folder that lists the Nucleus Internal Storage drive.

In the Internal Storage folder that appears, you can drop your music files and they should automatically be picked up by your Nucleus. Do let me know how it goes!

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