Roon crashes when minimised?

Hi there,

have just started running Roon have had TIDAL for a month.

I think it would be better if every album associated with your TIDAL playlists was not put into your Roon collection of Albums and Artists… these should just reflect your favourites in TIDAL.

But hey no worries… the biggest problem is when I minimise Roon on my PC and then try to maximise from the task bar I get a blank screen. The music still plays, :smile:

Bug or just me?

There are several posts relating to the blank screen after minimising the Roon window. They mainly seem to relate (as mine does) to Intel HD integrated graphics cards of certain types. If you also have a second dedicated graphics card there is a method described elsewhere on here to ensure that Roon uses that card instead of the integrated one, which can cure the problem. There appears to be no fix for the rest of us at the moment.

We only add your TIDAL Favorites to your library, not content in your playlists. Are you seeing something different?

And yes @jobseeker is right, the blank screen issue is related to Intel graphics, and is covered in more detail here.