Roon crashing iMac on OS X 11.1. Have now uninstalled Roon

Ever since updating to 1.8, my iMac is crashing at some time when it is sleeping. I can’t say when it does this as I don’t sit and watch it. I also do not know how to read logs so can’t tell if it’s Roon or something else. But it started on Tuesday after the upgrade. When I reboot, it says “your computer turned off because of a problem…” So I have deleted Roon from the iMac and will observe.

Update about 8 hours later: Deleting Roon stops crashes. I’m no engineer but…

Hi @dcw96161 ,

Have you installed Roon again since your previous message?
Are there any crash logs or error reports that you can share?

Thank your for the response.

Yes. I reinstalled and have not had a crash since the reinstall. Other apps do seem to be crashing Big Sur, but I am able to tell specifically which ones are doing that and Roon hasn’t been on that list of suspects since the reinstall.

I blame Big Sur. But then I am blaming Big Sur for a lot of things these days it seems.

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