Roon Crashing on iPhone 7 plus running iOS 13.3.1

Same here! Very frequently, in fact often multiple time within a single song search or playlist change.

I’m using an iPhone 7 plus over IOS 13.3.1 and the later Roon version.

Hi, I’ve split out your post to its own support topic…

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.


Thanks for responding to my post.

I’m using roon on one of my Mac as a server. Everything is wired connected except my Iphone (off Corse). I’m going to an BlueSound Node 2 streamer to a BlueCircle BC509 using a digital Coaxial.

My main rooter is a Apple port express and I have 2 network switch in between.

All my roon software are up to date. I do have 3 remote app. Ipad, Iphone and one on my main laptop (mac Catelina).

I hope this will help.

Ps, i’m only experimenting the crash with my Iphone… thought it’s my main remote app.

Hi @Mathieu_Groulx,

Can you please try re-installing the Roon iOS app from the Apple App Store to see if it triggers any change in behavior?

My app is crashing again. Time 2.25 pm est.

Will do !!


@noris, I did the re-installation.

The app currently run faster but it still crash randomly and frequently.

I’m using my Ipad that is more stable… but less portable :wink:

Thanks for your support.


Hi @Mathieu_Groulx,

Is this behavior still occurring on your end? If so, can you please let me know the exact local time + date of your next crash? Does this behavior consistently occur when you try to access once certain page/tab in Roon or does it seem to not matter which page/tab you’re on?

Hi @noris,

Often the crash occur while navigating with in the album tabs / artist tabs or the song tabs. It also happen while i’m not using the app (while a song of a play list is playing)… the app crash before my Iphone goes to sleep.

As for the last time it happend it crash, it’s hard to tell since I user Roon often and since I work from home right now, it’s pretty much all day. It is so frustrating that I try not to use Roon on my Iphone, I use my Ipad instead. The Ipad does crash but way less often.

I hope this help.


Hi @Mathieu_Groulx,

Thanks for the additional info, but what would really help here is knowing the exact time + date of the next crash. Sometimes the crashes are managed (meaning there is info written to logs) and sometimes they are unmanaged (meaning that the iOS itself is killing the app). If the crash is a managed one, diagnostics might help reveal the issue.

@noris Got it !
will do.


Hi @noris,

It’s been a while. Since you last post, the app did not crash at all. Tonight I had to use my Ipad for a little bit and when back to my Iphone. The app started to crash extensively between 20h06 and 20h18 (
Eastern Daylight Time) today april 9th 2020.


Hi @Mathieu_Groulx,

Which device was Roon crashing on, the iPad or the iPhone?

IPhone crash

Hi @Mathieu_Groulx,

Can you please try opening the Roon app on your iPhone a few times? I’ve enabled diagnostics mode for it and hopefully it can deliver a log report to our servers before it crashes again.

Hi @noris

I did open the app a few time. (1:50 pm today) and 2 crashed occurred.

I hope the log report got some feed back.


Hi @Mathieu_Groulx,

Thanks for letting me know the timestamp. I can confirm that iPhone logs have been received, but it looks like you’re falling into the unmanaged crash category, it doesn’t look like logs contain any useful information unfortunately.

I wonder if this issue could be due to your network setup. Can you please provide some more info regarding this aspect? What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear? Are you using just one router or access point or do you have the iPhone roaming between multiple WiFi access points?

Hi @noris

Interesting fact, the crash’s are more frequent when Roon is open on my Ipad at the same time.

There are only One wifi access point in the house.
My roon server and my Bluenode are connect trought wire.

I have 2 network switcsh in my wired network.

Best regards

Hello @Mathieu_Groulx,

I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but I wanted to take another look at this issue since I have been discussing it with QA further.

We believe that this issue may be due to the Roon iOS app running out of resources and then getting killed by the iOS system manager.

If possible, could you please use the instructions listed in this article to access the console logs on your iPhone, reproduce the issue and send us a set?

Thank you!

Hi @noris,

I’m pretty busy with the COVID situation, i’ll do my best to dot that for you guys.

I’ll keep you in the loop.

For the record, the app his still crashing most of the time.

Best regards

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