Roon crashing on iPhone XS, iOS 13.3.1

This issue is occurring for me as well. I’m using an iPhone XS, iOS 13.3.1. I’ve just started using roon a few days ago. Server is a Mac mini with 8gb and an SSD, Ethernet connection. Machine has no other software or use. No issues at all on the Mac remote app Running on other machines. Let me know what I can provide for troubleshooting.

Hi @Derek_Gelinas,

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We are currently investigating a few similar reports of this behavior, but can you please let me know if you uninstall the Roon app, reboot the phone and reinstall the app, is there any change in behavior?

This did seem to stop it, for now at least. I’ll update if/when it returns.

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Problem is back.

I also use iPhone xs and found the same problem, but my iPad did not. I try disable automatic dark mode on my iPhone XS and found it quite stable not crash for a long period of time.

Hi @Derek_Gelinas,

Can you please note the exact local time + date of the next crash and let me know here?

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